Do you use your full potential of the cloud? These are the main advantages

Cloud Computing
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Being in the cloud no longer have to have a negative meaning. In recent years, and the hand of new technologies, we all perceive cloud as synonymous with modernity, progress and effective management. When talking about the cloud or cloud computing, we are referring to a series of services that are available to individuals and businesses over the Internet, and with important benefits associated with its management.

According to a recent survey by Microsoft, 59% of companies currently using cloud services considered significant benefit is achieved in productivity, and 63% of them expect to grow their sales in the next 12 to 18 months despite the slow pace at which the world economy progresses.

But is your company among them? What benefits you can get if you implement services that are available in the cloud?

Do we use the full potential of cloud computing in our business?

Cloud benefits are unquestionable. However, there are many companies that do not have clear what its real utility and, for this reason, are reluctant to implement new processes and technologies that help them improve their performance. Many others, despite using cloud computing in their business processes, will not get the most performance.

Either because companies do not know how to identify which processes are most important when implementing a cloud service or lack of resources, both when training their employees and when replacing old processes, fact is that many companies are missing a good opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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But we must not despair. Each time there are more, cheaper and intuitive solutions available and therefore easier to implement within our organization.

Five benefits of using cloud in your business

Companies that have managed to implement the cloud to optimize their business processes have gotten a couple of benefits are beyond doubt: increase efficiency and productivity. The cloud computing solutions have managed to optimize the processes taking place within the company, resulting in a number of advantages that it is important to note.

Cost reduction

The possibility of reducing costs is one of the fundamental reasons for the use of the cloud in enterprises. Currently, there are many inexpensive and even free online tools that replace the old processes, which were often quite costly for the company.

In addition, since the maintenance and updating of resources in the cloud are borne by the company that offers this service, our organization costs perform all these actions is saved , which was usually outsourced to a third company.

Greater mobility and flexibility

A few years ago, open the same file in several different devices was a very cumbersome task. It was necessary to have a storage disk to save it, open it on another computer, make changes and resave and, of course, it was impossible to open it on a mobile device, even if just to display it.

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The cloud allows all these tasks more convenient and flexible way. We can access a multitude of applications anywhere and through any device. Thus, a worker can work from home with your laptop and complete the task in which was immersed the day before, or check the work done from the train that takes you to your destination and via your mobile phone.

Some cloud services also offer the ability to manage versions, which helps restore ancient changes in case we need to have this information, thereby avoiding having to redo the entire job.

Synchronizing machines

Cloud facilitates coordination and synchronization of many teams working on a joint task. Its members can access the work of others in a more efficient way, and so it will be easier coordination.

For example, if multiple people need access to the same document at the same time and making modifications to it, it is no longer necessary for each apply your changes one after another, as the cloud allows access and simultaneous modifications on the same file, saving time and improving therefore efficiency.

Increased storage capacity

In 1981, Bill Gates said that no one would need more than 640 Kb on your PC. In 2016, his prophecy has been too short. The processes we handle require increasing storage capacity and processing, which can have a fairly significant impact on business costs.

Clouds of companies constitute true information stores, where their data is updated and synchronized perfectly, greatly facilitating the work. And they are not necessary and costly enormous physical memories and no one should worry about to have your pen drive if that important information that should always be on hand is lost.

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Always updated

Until a few years ago, update the software company was an arduous task to some extent complex. They were required many hours of work, to have a specialized team that he should put about the tool and even penalties in some jobs, causing significant delays and a significant reduction in productivity.

When a company uses a service cloud computing, you know you always will have available updated to the latest version and software adapted to any legal change. This, in turn, will help the supplier can provide a service much more efficient support, and it will not be necessary to have a team that specializes in older versions.

If it’s good on a personal level, it is good at the business level

In short the benefits of cloud computing are obvious and its appearance in recent years, quite large. Since largest multinational to the smallest SMEs, through many autonomous uses in their day to day a cloud – based solution.

In fact, anyone of us use in our daily lives and cloud-based software. Applications like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox or even management solutions are part of our daily lives, and may be cannot live without them. And if they are good at particular level, why would not they be at the enterprise level?

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