Does every day gives you more laziness into Facebook? You do not have to go to the doctor, this is the diagnosis

Laziness into Facebook
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I do not know if you feel the same, but every day gives me more lazy enter Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Before a few years before I mean, I loved reading the news he shared people, how ingenious they were his tweets. And still many blogs and comments were the closest thing to a forum: all apportions something we learned from each other and spent a good time.

Now social networks have become an intense battle.

On one side are those who, despite all, remain positive. Very positive. Overly positive. We talk about the way to happiness, fill us with deep phrases, cups with messages, borrowed reflections, motivators items that are not applicable to our lives and covert criticism of the “bitter”, making us understand that we have no right to losing streak. Some of them, in a short time, became emotional intelligence experts and counselors absolute happiness.

Across the battlefield are those who shit in everything: in the country of tambourine, mediocrity, lack of education, in men, in women, in life and especially in the extremely positive. His bitterness is a kind of claim, declaration of modernization. being constantly embittered is well seen (let’s face it, today is cooler to be vindictive embittered a flower-power, these are unfashionable, even if they have their audience).

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It is clear that both “extremely happy” as “overly bitter” have always existed. Perhaps they were less visible, but as social networks appeared we realized that we can say anything and that someone “out there” that we not only heard but listened to us. And of course, there was no turning back.

But the worst was yet to come. After a while we found to be a normal person, with their shitty days and moments of absolute happiness, it was no use. If you were normal you were ordinary, cheap, a “nobody”: your opinion is not worth a penny. Who would like to be invisible? I know very few.

Then people started to be intense. The important thing was to note, for better or worse, defending one thing or the other. It did not matter what you defended, it was essential to defend it at all costs. Some pierced the thin line separating the “controversial” of “follower” but nobody noticed this adjective.

Almost everyone has been part of that movement (who does not like to be visible?), we all have left written comments and destructive hateful articles or, conversely, full of love and joy. And what is worse, we have done both at the same time. In his day all, or almost all, we were bipolar, virtually speaking.

What surprises me is that there are still people who are not tired. And worse, there are still public that still need gurus. The gurus who, being locked in their own and so intense truth, are anything but objective. We forget to be balanced is the only way to be objective. Living in a world of sugar does nothing. But eating tablespoons mustard, either.

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Okay, motivate you with things. Surround yourself with positive messages replaces a kick in the ass to give you a push. But the push to help serve you, you have to be walking. If you stand still, the kick will make you fall sulking.

Okay, see the world as it is cruel and unjust. But what serves you lock yourself in the darkness? “We have lived in a world of shit,” we say. But we were part of “a world of shit” ignoring “live”.

And is that … can also fight with a smile… As can be happy being sad.

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