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The marketing is one of the most critical functions for any business; in fact, the ability to manage it properly will depend on sales of the organization.

Therefore, the success of the company depends, largely, of marketing activities are being carried out and its relevance to the needs of business and market requirements.

At present there are very good tools to help us carry out marketing efforts, here are some of them.

Applications for e-marketing

  • Event Tracking / users

With Mixpanel you can create funnels to track, where people are trapped in a process.You can also track metrics in time and discover based on user behavior patterns.Another alternative to consider is Kissmetrics.

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  • Receiving payments

Every company aims to profit, for when you want to charge your customers a good app will Stripe that manages online payments, discount codes, assessment, billing and returns.

  • E-mail marketing

Building an email list using your blog or other opt-in methods to gain subscribers is a great way to build your fan base. You can easily create campaigns and monitor the results with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. Both services offer a number of tools to customize your emails and address your target users.

  • Content marketing

Creating fresh and valuable content for your website is a great way to get traffic in search engines and build trust with potential customers. We use WordPress to power our blog, because it is fully customizable and offers a number of excellent tools to help analyze the SEO.

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  • Tracking SEO

Position keeps track of your ranking in all major search engines for specific keywords and alternatives tracking social media, are Moz and RavenTools.

  • Video marketing

Wistia is the perfect tool for video marketing because it shows detailed analyzes of how people are responding to the videos because it is structured for SEO.

In short, these are some tools that help us manage our mail marketing actions easily and effectively.

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