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If you are thinking of making money with a blog by creating a website where you can enter a specific news topic (to make an example of one of the most popular topics, technology, products apple or android operating system), thinks for a moment before starting in fourth.

To experience I can tell you that news sites can not earn a lot, in fact you cannot make valid numbers to carry out a project of gender.

What is the main problem of a news site?

There is a real “main problem”, but a number of reasons why a website that deals exclusively with news (or mainly news) will struggle to monetize own spaces, and I want to share my experiences.

1 – People seeking news: When people seek news generally do not watch commercials on a website. Basically people who follow the commercials are very few, this is because people are interested in news or tutorials (to mention a few people seek practical “how to change the ringtone on an iPhone” or “what are the characteristics of the new iPhone 5”, you think of these two categories of persons who may be interested in advertising campaigns or affiliate network / google adsense?)

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2 – Depending on the niche will be difficult to find interesting campaigns: We remain on niche “technology and smartphones.” As regards it is evident that users, in principle, may be interested, basically, three types of campaigns:

  • Apple products and promotions;
  • Accessories for Apple products;
  • Ringtones and apps for Mac and Apple products;

Therefore your site will have a very specific target and those who buy an iPhone today, generally, it takes at least one year or more (same thing for those who buy a MacBook, an iMac, ….). If you pose the same as for the Android category, the situation is worse because:

  • There are many Android smartphones at very low prices (this can be a pro);
  • There are more free apps and paid (and therefore people can download the app for free)

3 – Get ready for a very tough competition: Today there are many websites that speak of technology, smart phones, Apple products, and that means to “emerge” from the flood of sites related to the topic you will need to work hard and try to offer something more than your “competitors”.

What bring these data?

The conclusion that probably, to be able to make a site monetized news on technology, it takes an amazing amount of visits, and possibly it takes a group of people dedicated H24 or almost in site updates. It is clear that the more sites updated are the most popular websites, so if you’ll limit you to write one or two articles a day, probably, the users, will range from competitors that have more news.

And if I talk about other categories?

Basically I think the problem is more or less the same, and I show you the reasons:

Make money with a blog about cooking: The people who open these kinds of sites maybe try recipes, tips, “how to …” what are the advertising campaigns in the world “food”? Today there are still few in my opinion, and, consequently, do not know how far you can make money with this topic.

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Gaining a gossip blog: What may be the commercials that follow users seeking news of “celebrities, models, footballers”? Even here find ads “relevant” will not be easy (especially if we think of joining affiliate networks and systems pay per click.

Make money with a blog on health: Here the argument becomes more intricate. There are lots of products and ads on diets, health, wellness, fitness… The problem is to build a solid reputation so as to become the “opinion leaders”, people that if they talk about a product can convince users to buy it because the product is really good.

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