Easter Plan: 5 quick reforms ideas for vacations

Reforms ideas
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Easter is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, winter break can recharge until the arrival of summer. Traveling is another option but is also very rewarding to make those arrangements you had pending. Takes note of these ideas today we bring you hand, five quick and simple reforms that will still have more desire to enjoy your home.

Change the color of your kitchen

The holidays are not just for work, but relaxing at times so today we bring small easy to do projects, with which you can completely change some of the rooms in your house, without giving up some time. The kitchen is usually one of the sites which are damaged, use of appliances, heat and constant steam and other typical activities make furniture not last as long as in the rest of the house.

Reforms ideas
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This reason makes turn our kitchen into something very different is an excellent decision. For this, you have two options. The first is perfect if you want to keep existing furniture, you only have to sand them well, apply a primer in all of them and when this has dried thoroughly, paint them with the right paint for wood, the color you like, the entire surface.

If you have tiles in the kitchen and the floor you can also decanter by specialized for this type of material painting and changing an old pattern for smooth and neutral background color.

When the frame of the kitchen is in good condition, but the rest has been really old and you want a deeper renewal, change only the doors and drawer fronts furniture, is another convenient way to notice a big change without having to invest too much time.

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Pickled furniture to update your decor

Sometimes we encounter, almost suddenly, with antique furniture for our house, in a cellar or an inheritance. First we often think that that old dresser or drawers anodyne that does not fit the decor, but there you go a little further and imagine that has potential and can become a completely different piece of furniture very easily.

Reforms ideas
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Choose the furniture in question and where you’re going to put him transform once, think of a perfect color for that corner and get to work. The first thing to do is to clean and sand the entire cabinet. The next step is painting so a bit of a color free the base cabinet and let it dry. Once is dry paint, apply a second coat of paint of a different color. When the last coat has dried also return to the resort to sandpaper to remove in areas we want some paint and thus exit the bottom. It’s simple and the result is spectacular.

The ground wood

The wooden floor has become quite a trend for some years but also a sign of comfort and wellbeing. If you have your home still with other material do not worry because you can install a floor with a wood look in a few steps and so really easy.

The first thing you have to choose the color and material you like and once you’ve selected everything runs smoothly. You have the option of applying an adhesive ground with this aspect of wood as interesting or also choose laminate flooring and go placing them one by one on click. A quick task that will totally change the look of your home.

Reforms ideas
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Install your own house in the garden

The outdoor booths are a super useful feature if you love have ordered all things to preserve the garden and celebrate some other party in the area outside your home. Is about a good time, so take advantage of the break to install a is a fantastic choice to welcome spring.

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There are many types of booths and each has its installation so it is important that you inform good of all and choose what type and look you want for yours. If you buy a color and you only have to put it but, on the contrary, prefer yourself a natural wood later you can paint color you like and thus make it very special.

Paper, your best ally

The paper is one of the fastest, easiest and original solutions to change the look of any corner of your home so you learn the perfect technique to place it in an appropriate way will be very useful if you love decorating.

The roles are very diverse and always give you that tool to convert any room into your house in the middle of all persuasions. There is usually so much variety that sure you give what you were looking for. Currently, those with tropical prints or geometric elements are those that are more fashionable.

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