Emotional dependence

Emotional Dependence
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In a relationship, you do not want to get symbiosis, because in the short or long term, rarely gives good results. Emotional dependency is often confused with the true definition of love.

What’s more, when we are in love, we do not know why many tend to melt over the other, losing our own identity. By so emotional dependent loses its individuality.

All the charm, all at first was striking and emotional characteristics dependent dissolve slowly until their personality is completely consumed. Mix in the life of another, no longer able to dispose and differentiate their own tastes and passions.

  • Emotional ends up being dependent other’s shadow. Just live and breathe on the other.
  • No decision makes any decision without having received the approval of the other person.
  • Feel no pleasure to be with other people than their partner.
  • The opinions and decisions of their partner have strong impact on you.
  • Never start a new project.
  • Live in fear of displeasing their partners.
  • Is afraid of being alone.
  • Made countless sacrifices to please the other.
  • Spend their time waiting for the arrival of their partner, a call, a message, a tender gesture, a word of love, meaning without finding anything else around.
  • No plans, dreams that do not include their partner.

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This submissive attitude is not healthy for the dependent and often a heavy burden on the person who causes, often against their wishes.

If there are people who are dominant, but most people are not so emotionally dependent live with a problem and a responsibility that very few people are willing to assume. Because when a tender feeling unites, dependence automatically creates any other moral “obligations”.

Certainly it is good to participate in other projects, in their passions, hobbies and interest to what excites you. However, through this you should know also persevere in your projects, your passions and interests. You need to find a balance and not become a copy of another to prove your love or to please.

In many cases is dependent emotional manipulator who acts unconsciously. Because with your attitude of resignation and service gives understanding to another. “Those in charges of me, you are responsible for my happiness, so we cannot leave me” This is completely contradictory to what you want to share on this page, one free ticket to freedom.

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Eye, being free does not mean being alone, it means establishing healthy relationships, balanced, open. Which means happy walking beside each other and not one above the other, where they are linked together and becoming a great shining sun, then untied and recharge energies by their side … A go and see.

Remember that emotional dependent, always finds a problem and always expects help from the other to develop emotional and social level. Such aid can only give it the time or an expert in the subject.

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