Ensure business continuity is not just making backup

Business Backup
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Some companies seek to ensure business continuity for any contingency. To this end various measures are taken, including the most important is to make a backup of critical data. But this is not enough. What happens when we do not work a job in the company?

It is then that we realize how important it is for us to have tools that allow us to access and work from different positions. The same applies to printers, access certificates government or something as simple as the web browser to identify. It is always good to have a plan B if for any reason we cannot work, not stand still.

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Especially as the computers of a company grow older and we stretching technology often beyond reason, we must assume that sooner rather than later they will eventually fail. In this case we have to think about having a reserve team to work.

Sometimes they can fix the error easily. Other times mean that we have lost some data and others that have to buy a new computer. And move everything we had in the old, if you can the new team, something that is not as easy as it looks, but above all takes time.

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In the end it is a matter of investing in the tools that allow us to develop our business. If we can afford to be a day or two without working, no problem, but the most critical thing we cannot fail. We always have to have an option to go ahead work, although not optimal or the most productive.

Also in the smallest things, in these days of tax filing and processing government, have a backup of the electronic certificates or have them installed in different browsers we can take more than a pinch at a time of need.

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