Error 451: HTTP status code which opens for censor!

Error 451
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Write swiftly and hear the clang of your boney fingers sliding, wise, above the keyboard. Rummages through your files and copy the link in the browser where the rest of the information. “Error 404, Not Found”, read on screen and grits your teeth while mumbling an insult.

Surely you’ve ever encountered with this annoying bug, perhaps the most common code and HTTP been controversial. However, the recent approval of one more, the 451, has every chance to take center stage. The reason, which is specific for censorship but let us explain…

What it is the error code 451?

Although it was proposed in 2013 has been now when the Internet Steering Group (IESG, the group of engineers that update the rules governing the network) has approved this code with the following letter: “not available legal reasons”. A message that makes clear that the site in question is not accessible due to a court order or judgment issued by a court and provides certain information to the surfer on the reasons why a website is blocked.

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The response also includes an explanation about the details of this lawsuit, such as who is applying closure, as regards the case law, the reasons, and others. Of course, all in a way very summarized. Something that will serve, among others, for some services indicate that the fall is due to government “interference” – in front propels – to technical failures and is especially meaningful in a context where the state espionage is the order of the day, yet we try to know its real effectiveness.


Its implementation in countries in which the network control is exacerbated also be interesting. “In some jurisdictions, government suspect that the censors will not allow the use of 451, to hide what they are doing,” he pointed out Mark Nottingham, president of the IESG.

But, why 451? Interestingly, the error is named Fahrenheit 451, the famous novel by Ray Bradbury that recreates a world in which the mission of the fire is to burn books, because reading would prevent be happy inhabitant encourages disparity and difference of opinion.

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Other errors

Regardless of what was said and so you can get an idea, this kind of numerical codes are organized by hundreds, each of which serves to describe a type of error. For example, informational purposes 100s, the 300s are for redirecting the 400s concern errors reported to the user and the server 500s.

In any case, the most common, regardless of that 404, 301 are permanently moved of way, the 401 and 403-not permitted and forbidden, respectively, the Parental Lock for parental- 450 control and 500 -internal server error, oops, something has rotors. We cannot ignore the 418, created in 1998 as a joke for April fool’s Day. What does it say?

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