Errors in digital marketing

Digital marketing
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Increasingly we devote more time to pass it our activity Internet browsing. This trend is forcing companies to look at the digital marketing as a priority.

While successful, contemplate the option of Internet as something proprietary, it remains true that it is important to avoid mistakes that may impair the return on investment.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Create content and not promote them

A no company comes up to the expense of creating a TV ad and then not broadcast it.The same is true on the Internet, create content but then it promotional generate traffic to our website.

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  • Analyze the impact of content

That is, monitor the number of displays, viral distribution, comments, spreading to other social media, and data retention hearing, etc.

  • The power of conversation

Both Facebook fan page as Instagram or Twitter are excellent mechanisms to disseminate messages and chat with our customers. This strategy improves customer perception by our company entrancement and confidence in it.

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  • Be present where our customer is

The millennials, for example, no longer watch television, the medium is online why companies should strive to be where they are and use the media they use.

Therefore, online marketing is critical to increment brand awareness of our business, our customers and contact spaciness take time in their lives.

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