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Essential training
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The training series is essential to improve our race pace. It is more intense than normal workout but worth putting it in planning our training.

But training series, by being more intense, you need to take into account some considerations. Things like heating, or rest rhythms are basic. Then we will see some essential tips to train series.

Tips for Training series

Heating to be longer and intense than usual: To expose legs to higher rates, these should be well prepared for it. We saw how to make a warming one-day series, jogging more time at the beginning, mobilize and stretch muscles and joints well and make short progressions.

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Do not stay standing between series: Although fatigue prompted, even trots on site or walk from one side to another. Do not stop completely to avoid losing the spark leg speed.

The series does not have to be done 100%: 100% leave for the day of the competition. Domesticate well to try to make all series at the same rate and, if you can spare forces tighten more in the last.

Vary the type of series every week: Do not make the mistake of always doing the same distance and number of series. Go ranging from short long series, stockings and. Your fitness plan you’ll be telling you how the series in terms of quantity and quality (speed).

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A series session a week if your level is basic or medium: Although we always say that the series are essential to improve the race pace, one should not overdo it. This type of training requires rest a lot and need to internalize. Runners with basic or medium level should not do more than one session weekly series.

How much rest after making series?: It depends on our fitness. If we are in, we can even do a light training session the next day. If we are starting or if our state is so basic, minimum leave one rest day or two if we are rookies in this series and make our physical form is not quite there.

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