Exercise makes you happy, but … is any sport useful?

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If after a few days of vacation you feel tired and in no mood to do anything, if you suffer from fatigue or depression during the winter months, you should know that exercise makes you happy and can help improve mood and esteem.

Exercise and a push on our mood!

Exercising regularly will not only benefit us physically, help with our immune system, but can also have positive effects on our mood.

It has been proven that physical activity causes the release of substances in the brain that protect against stress and therefore make us feel better.

We may experience a sense of euphoria or joy after training due to the release of endorphins, which also function as analgesics, taking away the feeling of pain or discomfort we experience when we are not entirely comfortable with ourselves.

For this reason, exercise can become addictive for some people; because the feeling of pleasure, euphoria and well-being generated by its realization that, in the later time, our brains can be very similar to drugs, with the difference that we exercise benefits and drugs pollute us.

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As if that were not enough, one research recently has proven that staying healthy can become happier, and exercise can greatly contribute to the health care agency.

Therefore, undoubtedly exercise can give a boost to our mood and help us achieve happiness.

Can any sport make me happy?

While any type of exercise helps us to benefit health and improve our self-esteem and therefore can improve our mood and approach to happiness, not all sports are equally effective for stimulating the release of substances that make us feel good.

It has been shown that the most intense physical exertion are those that induce increased release of endorphins in the body, therefore, although we may experience fatigue after its completion, the harder we train we will be happier later.

We can also feel happier and better notice changes in your mood if our effort was not highly intense but had duration considerably, as both duration and intensity associated with better mood on a study.

Regarding the type of exercise, no differences were observed between the results produced by lifting weights and running or other aerobic activity because they both give a boost to your mood, especially if it comes from intense training and / or long duration.

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So you know if you feel discouraged or depressed these days and want to give an energy boost to your body, remember that exercise makes you happy and what is important is to make a sport intensively or for a considerable time for best results on your mood.

Do not forget that your mood is also reflected in your attitude and aesthetics, therefore here another reason to train regularly and strive to do so.

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