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Having a Facebook page for our business is a job that requires time and clear ideas. Facebook has become the best tool to promote our product.

Every day millions of people access Facebook several times. It sounds giddy, and sometimes, these figures make us believe that is already half the work done. No. For there is a reward, you must first develop a solid strategy to position your company.

Knowing the target audience

There is no point to start the cart before the horse. And start writing without having clear who that person is on the other side of the screen.

Who is my customer? Buyer Who is that person? The person Buyer is our semi-fictional client, to which we attach a personality, tastes, age, etc., to make it easier for us to turn to him when writing on our page.

Known to the public, it means the rule. That is, if your customers are not on Facebook, say goodbye to the social network, very ‘cool’ it. You must not lose time or money if your customers are not there.

Content with substance

Now that you do know for a fact that Facebook is your place, offers quality. Useful content. Imagine you have a store related to the cinema. Sell ​​exclusive items, collectibles. When promoting your space has come.

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Paid ads, after inviting friends and acquaintances to give the “like” is a logical choice after having a considerable following.

Do your fans like you post more photographs related to movie posters? ¿Videos with film clips? Texts with links to curiosities?

Once you check the return on investment (ROI) and KPI, key performance indicators, that there are several types:

  • The number of comments
  • The “Like”
  • The amount of number of followers we have achieved over a period of time
  • If there is an interaction between the followers or only give the “Like”

It’s time to make a small (or large) investment and create our public with an announcement. Segment and, launching a clear and simple message that leads to action, using an attractive image and is especially realistic and consistent with our business.

Watch your welcome page

The covers of the companies are small windows. Respecting the conditions imposed by Facebook, attention to rights over the image that we will use.

Do you not get the feeling that we have a huge hurdle for us on the net? Let’s do as stated in traditional advertising: it is like a punch in the eye. Impacts the image and text.

Create contests

Christmas is coming, it is a good time to start preparing a drawing, back to our store film.

It should take into account certain rules:

  • NOT encourage “share in your biography” to participate in a contest.
  • NOT propose the “Share in the biography of a friend to get more shares.”
  • NO promote “tag your friends in this publication to participate.”
  • DO NOT use personal profiles to create contests

Easypromos is one of the most commonly used to create sweepstakes and contests on social networking platforms. A contest will establish ties with customers, empathize and loyalty.

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Ask the consumer to support our brand and to become describer of the product in exchange for something is a strategy that works. Like scheduling events. Finally, after all, it is the word of mouth that manages to teach these become fashionable, like all life.

Let us not forget another important fact: the loyal consumer has given way to the other, looking for a value due to the crisis. As we said at the beginning, be present in Facebook it seems a simple step, but we must know who they live on the network.

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