Falling in love traveling, the most romantic destinations

The most romantic destinations
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Valentine is present once a year. The cities are dressed in colors like red and pink, the scent of flowers fills the streets and it is impossible to deny that during those 24 hours, love is in the air.

While many people have the strong conviction that this is a trade date, there is a large majority who tries to keep alive one of the oldest myths of all time, and truly believes in entertaining person who wants for an all day. Skeptics and lonely hearts, abstain.

Loving travelers will surely agree that giving or receiving a trip as a gift would be a very good way to spend this date. If this is so, here we left the Top 5 of the most romantic places in the world, if not decided yet what to give, or if you want to encourage your love to regale them a ticket to any of these destinations…

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1-Paris, France: Known as the city of love, this destination for lovers displays its main attractions in different aspects. The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, a walk around Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe, is some of the attractions that captivate millions of visitors per year.

2- Venice, Italy: It consists of 120 islands connected by 800 bridges that hide unimaginable stories. Some of its attractions are the Piazza San Marco, the cathedral, the cafes, the belfry, the aisles. What better to know the Carnival of Venice on the most romantic day of the year?

3- Positano, Italy: This small town on the Amalfi Coast unfolds its beauty to be a town built on a cliff. Its streets in the form of labyrinths, its ancient architecture and quiet beaches make this one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe.

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4- Moorea, French Polynesia: This triangular island enchants all who step on its soil. Transparent green waters bordered by a blue sea, white sand and lush vegetation are some of the reasons why all lovers should visit this paradise, one of the best in the world.

5- Cartagena, Colombia: Recognized by UNESCO as Historical and Cultural Heritage, Cartagena was established as one of the most captivating cities in South America. On the shores of the Caribbean Sea all couples can enjoy not only the beaches, but also museums, nightlife and a variety of cultural activities that will make this trip something more interesting.

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