Finding the perfect match

Perfect match
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The perfection does not exist, much less when it comes to personal relationships. What is true is that there are people with whom in the world of love we engage incredibly well and others that do not get. And of course we all want our side someone who can complement and build a future together with us, so the finding that person is constant for many. In this article of LifeStyleQA we do not promise you’ll find it just around the corner, but we give you some useful tips for you to discover how to find the ideal partner.

Clarify your desires

Say “I want an ideal partner” or “perfect” is very simple, but what should have that person? What makes someone ideal for you, you complement? Be clear about what those essential characteristics will help you establish a much more effective when dating filter, is that millions of people in the world, but when you start to determine what matters to you the list is reduced.

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Separate physical personality and intellect

It is clear that what is outside is what makes us turn your head and look at the other, but more repetitive sound is necessary to know that the physical is not the only important thing. There are things that every couple must have to be strong, such as good communication, complicity, respect and trust, among many others. None of these aspects has to do with a nice body, blue eyes, or muscular arms, so when you make your list of features that you want the other think is good not only in the outside

Looking like-minded people to you

The saying goes: “Opposites attract” and may be true, but says “Opposites attract and lived happily ever after.” One thing is a passing relationship, a romance, a roll and other a stable relationship. That ideal person must have some things in common with you; otherwise everyday life could become complicated. Aspects such as vision, growth and personal expectations and even the desire or not to start a family come into play as affinities. Then there are the hobbies, which may or may not share, and personal characteristics that most often brings problems: he ordered, she chaotic / her communicative, he keeps everything, etc. Be similar it paves the way and while not guarantee anything can afford a little more empathy and save many discussions

Essential vs. Acceptable

Perfection does not exist, so it is important to learn to know each other and establish our priorities when choosing a partner to know what qualities are essential for us and what we do not like but can accept. For example for me an essential quality is that my partner is known to communicate, I do not like, but I can accept it distracted or forgetful. This kind of thing is important to know them, because we will ensure greater happiness and less frustrating to think you cannot find the ideal partner because no one has everything you want. It is important to learn to be flexible.

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Salt house

Once your inner world is in order, you know what you want and what not and you are open to meet someone then you must leave home and liven up your social life .Unless you fall in love with your neighbor (a) or the dealer, hardly that ideal person will knock on the door of your house, so it is important to go outside. Try as much as possible to go to places where you think you could be that person that shares your hobbies. If you like art, reading and auteur please look no couple in a youth club or in pub rugby rather go to clubs, cultural events, art galleries parties etc. Apply this premise is what your case and preferences

Be patient

Nobody said the ideal mate was just around the corner, we can sometimes take a long time to find it, but patience, if you follow these recommendations may eventually halls someone with whom you can share a quality relationship. Meanwhile enjoy your singleness and wonderful solitude.

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