Five islands to discover paradise

Islands to discover paradise
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The word “paradise” shoots images in most of us. Each will have its own definition of that idyllic place that lies in our imagination, but there is a majority that associates with an island.

If properly isolated, sparsely populated and covered with palm trees, all the better. We have seen many of these images published in books and travel magazines that fill us with envy but … where are they? Here we leave five examples of islands where discover paradise.


French Polynesia is not exhausted in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. The large number of islands and islets that make up the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is a guarantee of almost corners.

One of them is undoubtedly Maupiti or “small Bora Bora”. Only 11 kilometers in area for a small community that lives surrounded by one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Pacific profiled by a coral atoll. You come here from Bora Bora by plane or by boat twice a week.


It is not easy to get, but find Socotra paradise in the most absolute sense: an isolated island that almost knows no foreign visit, pristine beaches and warm waters. To get to Socotra have to fly to Istanbul, from there five hours to Sana’a, capital of Yemen, then hop on a local plane for 3 hours and reach the mouth of the Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean.

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From there you will have the feeling of discovering territory at every step. Caverns beachfront, kilometers of dunes and beaches like the magnificent uninhabited Qansaliyah, a rocky interior and where a crack gigantic high profile part of the island in two. Waterfalls, forests of exotic trees, dumbfounded of its few inhabitants, endless skies, and adventure.

Fernando de Noronha

Between Africa and America, at a point of immense Atlantic, an island keeps the most beautiful of Nature. Fernando de Noronha is recognized as a sanctuary for its natural beauty, its fauna and underwater wealth, its landscapes, its climate.

This island belongs to Brazil and is accessible by flights from Salvador, Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro. Upon landing, the profiles reveal coves beaches like Sancho where you can feel like a new Robinson Crusoe. The archipelago is composed of about 20 islands and islets; its surface is preserved by 90% for a Marine National Park and World Heritage Site since 2001.

Keys Slipper

If your idea of “paradise” is linked to the turquoise Caribbean, look no further … The place is called Cayos Zapatilla, an archipelago off the northwest coast of Panama with 2 islands bearing the same name. They are uninhabited and within the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park so your visit will pass, but unforgettable.

If you want to be one step you can stay on nearby islands of Bocas del Toro Archipelago , to transfer you by boat (after chasing a breakfast of tropical products) to pass the day on the fine golden sand of these keys.

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The Pacific turquoise lagoon. Thus it announced Aitutati Atoll the Cook Islands, and reality will not disappoint. After a flight from Rarotonga, you see through the window a small island, surrounded by a chain of islands tinier still, islets, coral ledges and sand surfaces that enclose the lagoon.

In addition, when after a couple of hours on a white sand and perfect offer “walk on water” not to think twice. A short boat ride of about 10 minutes and you are on the other side of the atoll, in One Foot Island (not measure much more). Here the difference between the beach and the sea is cleared; the coral sand is exposed and can walk a little island to the other without getting wet feet.

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