Flower prints clothing

Flower prints clothing
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Flower prints have become an option for clothing and accessories regardless of the season. You like them? Do you hate? You do not know how to integrate them into your wardrobe? This is a guide that will help you enjoy flower prints.

Floral patterns for a not so romantic style

Perhaps you feel that this type of print is too sweet for you because your style is more rock star and original. If this is your case, there is a way to incorporate it into your look. Mixing prints lines with floral pattern. It combines a skirt in a pattern of white lines with a semi transparent black blouse with flower print top down. Aggregate boots and a belt thick with metal details and will remain true to your style.

If you’re still not totally convinced, you find that the flowers design is in dark colors against a dark background and the flowers have a more abstract design it will show less romantic.

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Floral patterns for people who detest all prints

If this is your case, keep your clothes in solid colors and let the print is in your accessories. Seeks a narrow girdle in a floral pattern or looking for a portfolio with a kind of pattern that looks old. Shoes with flowers can be a nice touch to your outfit solid. Not all flower prints have to be “sweet”, they can be refined and elegant. Give yourself time to find the perfect one for you.

Flower prints clothing
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Floral prints that is perfect for your structure

What size must be flowers in the pattern? Start trying on a pattern that fits the size of your features. If you have eyes, nose and small mouth, opt for the design of flowers is small. If you have some small features and larger, look for a design that also has flowers in a mixture of sizes.

You can also take into account your personality to choose the perfect size flowers design. If you are a person who prefers to go unnoticed, the size of the flowers should be small but if you love being the center of attention, even if you have small factions, consider a larger design.

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Floral patterns for a night out

Such patterns can be a very good choice for events outside of work. A very sexy look can be a pair of silk floral pattern with a fitted bodice in a solid color and high shoes. A pencil skirt type is less serious in a floral print with loose silk blouse and sandals.

Floral prints for the weekend

Put on some loose jeans with a chemise in a floral pattern or a solid color top and a patterned sweater buttons. You can put the outfit with boots, tennis shoes or sandals to go out for coffee with your friends, go to the supermarket or just stay home. Do not forget to get your favorite accessories to complete the outfit.

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