Forex Trading: MetaTrader, the king of Forex trading platforms

Forex Trading
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Today in LifeStyleQA Business we dedicate an entire article in which the various factors that a trader should take into account when it argued choose the trading platform with which would introduce its operations in the market. But you must know that in the case of the majority decision Forex always seems to end up leading MetaTrader.

MetaTrader trading platform is the reference among Forex traders, and not just being used daily by millions of traders, but also for being one of the platforms that offer hundreds of brokers in their commercial offering, with the consequent benefit for the trader does not have to relearn your investment platform with every change of broker is carried out.

MetaTrader 4, the leading trading platforms since 2005

Specifically, the jewel in the crown is the version Metatrader 4 trading platform. Although since 2009 there Metatrader 5, the vast majority of traders still use the successful platform MetaTrader 4, which was created in 2005 by the company MetaQuotes. Although initially born to MetaTrader Forex currency trading today is possible to use it in most brokers to also operate CFDs, raw, futures exchange and other derivatives.

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The reason for the success of MetaTrader can be found on many factors: its use is simple and intuitive, requires very little computer resources to operate at full capacity, has a multitude of indicators and tools for working with graphics and, if that worse, it is based on an own programming language (MetaQuotes Language) with which a not too complex way anyone can program their own indicators and even their “robots”(automatic systems) for MetaTrader operate automatically according to the conditions that we demand.

Indeed, any supplements you might be looking to support their trading probably has been developed by someone previously in MetaTrader and available online. Access to a database of almost infinite tools online data, indicators, scripts and resources is something any trader greatly appreciated. And of course, is also not negligible relevance price of this software: MetaTrader is completely free.

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MetaTrader versatility, a key factor

In addition, another key factor is its versatility MetaTrader operational. Firstly because MetaTrader allows configured all demo and live accounts you want. That is, I can have different accounts at different brokers in one MetaTrader and is very comfortable to switch operations between them according to our strategy.

Second, because MetaTrader can be launched from a local hard disk running the software previously downloaded and installed from a Web Platform that allows trading from any browser connected to the Internet without having installed the software, or even from the Specific applications developed for smartphones and tablets, both iOS as Android.

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