Four ways to motivate

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In any organization there are always people who have a great capacity but, however, productivity is far from its potential.

As a rule, this occurs because demotivation affects its performance and, ultimately, their lack of performance becomes a problem for the organization.

Bearing in mind that each person is his circulator, there generic patterns that can help improve the motivation of our employees and collaborators.

Guidelines to motivate

Respect times

In our country the Draconian days are much assimilated in our idiosyncrasy without considering the adverse influence on productivity. It is important, learn to respect working hours and encourage our employees to respect them.

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A job well done is assumed as the value in the army; however, it is worth acknowledging, whenever possible, the success and achievements to encourage our team.

The value of the reward

Public recognition is an emotional reward but personal reward is also necessary. So bonuses, bonus, vacation, etc. are stimuli to be given so that people feel appreciated and valuable to the organization as the return you get with it is greater than the expense that may involve.

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Lead by example

In every organization assumes power must earn his authority in the organization and should be exemplary for its employees and collaborators, so we must ourselves be who we show the way.

In short, we must encourage our employees are always motivated and do everything possible to never missing as efforts to devote to this endeavor will always give a positive return on the results of our organization.

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