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Bright Bedroom
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Each season has its advantages and disadvantages, taking them into account in decorating a home are essential to achieve greater energy efficiency and also a pleasant atmosphere at all times. The joy of summer is coming slowly, long days we allow much enjoy natural light and, above all, increasing temperatures warmer. With these proposals today we bring you hand LifeStyleQA, you can begin to adapt your home for these special months.

Subtle shades

Let’s start with a very simple change, you might think it is too subtle, but it is certain that can turn your room into another very different, the easiest and fastest way. Change your curtains winter, heavy and dark tones, for a much lighter and white. With this you get to pass light at any time of day and rest your corner become one much clearer and, above all, more spacious.

Do not worry about the decor of the rest of the stay as white curtains are very versatile and combined with all other colors. The other can package them in a vacuum bag so you do not occupy space and thus comfortably store in any wardrobe.

Summery colors

If you want to give a touch of color there are shades that are perfect for summer and also to give joy and more light to your bedroom. The green water or gray is perfect for decorating one of the walls of your room and move place your favorite beach.

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The beige is another highly recommended option, you can use a full wall or in some detail of letters or any other reason. These two colors together to white and gray clarity create an ideal combination.

White is the king

Although the color details are perfect, certainly, white is the king of summer and bright rooms. It is a tone that conveys all that we seek in this season so it can become the base option of paintings of stay but also textiles such as quilts, sheets, curtains and all the decorative elements you want to add.

If you do not know where to start painting, it is best to think you do not like change color, for example a nice wooden floor. For everything else not make exceptions and buy the right paint for each material, so you’re guaranteed an incredibly bright summer stay.

Wood also in summer

At first glance it seems that the wood the winter we use in more places and with darker shades, but all we have to do is think good choices and materials with which we play. If you have a nice wooden floor color but you think something dark to keep it all the year you can proceed to sand the wood surface to leave a more natural color. You’ll have to always end with a protective layer that will last a long time. With this simple gesture you see how your room earns much light and also gives you the effect of light colors in summer so nice and so easy to combine in winter.

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But do not forget that there are many shades and types of wood and using it well you can get some truly amazing and beautifully finished. The option to cover two walls of a bedroom with wooden slats light color is not only perfect for winter and low temperatures, especially if you live in cold areas, but also in summer combines beautifully with colorful decoration more neutral and clear.

Open spaces for between light

If you enjoy not too large and not completely stay outside, creating open spaces separate elements with character it is an exceptional choice. For example, if you find a very dark tired bathroom but in the room if you have large windows, appreciates the opportunity to pull the walls that communicate both stays and attempts to create a single space in which between light. This way you will create a very bright spot not only in summer but all year long.

Details also warm in summer

But the summer and light are not incompatible with some more hot items. Although predominantly heat is also true that there are many areas where summer temperatures are not as exaggerated, if you find yourself in one of them adds a blanket, a rug pretty or even a carpet somewhat rustic and neutral colors to get that aspect summery, but without losing the usefulness and comfort in the days of milder temperatures.

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