Get the most out of your budget, what clothes to spend more and what clothes to save!

Shopping in Budget
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In all we would like to spend the day shopping for clothes, but unfortunately the VISA has a limit, our salary and common sense also tells us that the dress of 500 dollars not going to put us both to amortize. Well, it’s hard to be a fashion model on a budget, but there are still tricks to maximize our purchases and spending little we can look fashionable

A good wardrobe

For starters, it should be a good wardrobe. Easy to combine clothes that do not go out of fashion and that allow us to complete more daring looks. This is not to look from head to toe with basic items (or at least not always) but to combine the classic with the most rabid trend.

Each has its own fetish clothing, which makes much, but a good basic wardrobe should consist of these items:

  • A white shirt
  • A straight jeans
  • A black dress
  • A camel or gray coat
  • A raincoat
  • A black bag
  • Some black boots
  • Black skirt
  • A blazer
  • A jersey peak in a neutral color like gray, camel, etc

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What clothes to spend?

Even if you have a limited budgetthere are certain items in which it is worth spending a little more. We know that what you pay, so you clothes you are going to use a lot of quality should be resistant and should look elegant. Here we can include shoes, bags, coats, and cocktail dresses. The first because they are what you use most, and dresses because if one day you want to go party, you better dress does not look vulgar.

Shopping in Budget
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A stylist trick is to spend more on the tops in the bottom, and the reason is very simple, you always fasten over a blouse of trousers or a skirt, to be in a more visible field. If you are sitting at a table, or at a party with many people, the legs are not.

It is also good to invest in leather garments and good skin, because it last many years and not easily damaged. Even if you spend much of your budget, it will be worth it.

But look at the price of the garment, we have to look at how amortize, if we use a lot or not. Thus, the true cost of an item is equal to the price divided by the days that you wear. If we spend 200 dollars in a bag, but we put it all year (365 days), the cost per day is less than a dollar. But if we spend 50 dollars on a special that we do not get more than twice dress, we have spent 25 dollars for each day that we have used.

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In which save

As we said before, we can afford to spend less on pants, jeans, skirts or clothes that we will use to bring in layers, like cardigans that are not under his coat, tank tops to wear under shirts, etc.

If you like to wear the latest fashion trends, it is better to go for low cost shops or take advantage of discounts, deals and discounts. Stay alert to the bargains, because very little can look modern without spending much.

And if it makes you take more budget beam cleaning closet and take extra money with the clothes that you no longer use.

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