Guide to asset management in 5 small steps

Asset management
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We are forced to manage our savings and often, given the time, to invest them in the hope of obtaining something more, but how many of us really aware and prepared on the subject?

To find out, here is 5 simple rules for making an investment suitable to our needs…

1. Figure out what’s behind our financial choices

To understand what is best for us, we must start with the basics. All this through simple questions like, “What type of spending, I am more at ease among such as vacations, new car or insurance for our children?”

“When you save a number, albeit small, I prefer to spend it to a short-term pleasure or a long-term peace of mind in retirement?”

But especially after having made a choice, we are unable to sleep on with “the heart at peace”?

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2. Organization, the key word

After realizing the goal to pursue, you have to understand how to reach it, without losing sight of, by implementing a plan of attack. The beginning of this can simply come from greater daily attention to the use of our money. In fact, knowing what expenses of every day that we can rule out is the easiest and fastest way to start saving without any sacrifice.

3. Understand your weaknesses

Once we have categorized all our spending, we can figure out where you can save money and where not. Would simply use some tricks such as not to use the credit card in stores but only cash or try to buy essential items when they are on promotion.

4. Saving for the future

Apply all the “tricks” exposed so far is not easy, but it is the best way to achieve a result in the future. No matter our age or the type of work we do, because the sooner you start the better, because basically “Well begun is half done.”

And if we cannot do what we say? We implement a simple trick: we allocate a percentage to this plan, from every entry we have, so you do not “feel the money in your pocket” and not be tempted.

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5. To increase the equity investing

The best way to fully exploit the potential of our savings is to invest. The market helps us in this, providing us also very well-diversified efficient tools such as ETFs that help us to receive attractive returns without taking on too much risk, for example by avoiding the specific risk where we would go to run, taking positions to individual actions.

After following these 5 steps, you are ready to the management of your savings by making a conscious investing.

The important thing to remember is to get used to apply them to everyday life. But be careful to change your objectives with the necessary frequency to every important event of our lives such as marriage or the birth of a child, simply by sharing the first step.

Because you know: “If you never changed anything, there would be no butterflies.”

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