Guide to wisely buying clothes and accessories

Guide to Shopping
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Buying the right clothes for your personal style, is an art that is learned through practice and failed experiences. Did you go past the mall and suddenly end up buying clothes that you will never wear? To all of us it has happened and is perfectly normal.

What to do to stop buying “wrong” clothes and begin to acquire useful items that make us feel beautiful and you really want to use? Not as difficult as it might seem, just follow these 4 tips according to fashion experts…

Do not buy what others buy

If you’re the classic girl who sees her office mate with a new dress and runs to ask where they bought it to go through a similar, think again. It is not bad to see something we love and we want it for ourselves, but we must be objective and evaluate whether that beautiful dress we look just as good to us.

It happened to me recently with a yellow dress I saw on a girl walking down the street. She looked so amazing in it that I went shopping to search for a similar for me. In the dressing room I realized that this shade of yellow does not look well on my skin and made me look gaunt; take the decision not to buy the dress that did not make me shine.

Do not buy just because it is fashionable

Prints, stripes, slides, mini-dresses … fashion trends are varied and generally very attractive; however, they not all go with our body type or personal style. Remember that designers are very clever and exhibit their clothes on models, mannequins or celebrities wearing them as you can imagine.

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Note that 90% of the world’s population has no “perfect” body, so most ultra fashion we buy clothes, we will not see us as a model. As the saying goes: “What fits you, in fashion” This phrase should be displayed at the entrance to all commercial and recorded on all credit card centers.

Invest in accessories

Fashion experts recommends that rather than buy clothes of latest trend, we worry about putting together a collection of shoes, bags and jewelry of good quality, and that will give a touch of class and elegance to any outfit. Jeans and a simple shirt will look perfect with a bag or a stunning brand shoes. Once you have more or less covered your share of accessories, you can go after the clothing and purchase classic and versatile pieces, which give different uses and nuances thanks to the accessories.

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Momentum against reason

If you see something you like and it looks good, buy it! But first you must compare several similar dress, sizes, style and price. Conversely, if something cannot you look cute, even if the dress of your dreams will in the closet, so do not buy it. Now, if something looks like beautifully, but is very expensive, you’ll use infrequently or go out of style in three days, it is best to make a real assessment of the dress: if to show off at a party where everyone will you see, if you want with all my heart and as you plan where and when you will use it, buy it! Whims and sometimes we all have to let the momentum away with it.

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