Handbags: New trends and tips to match them

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Well, we are now in the colder month; a new season also means new trends, colors and materials. What then will be the new fashion trend for handbags?

This year, the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) puts on the catwalk mini clutch and stylish shoulder bags by many different materials and colors.

A must for this winter are Backpack and large folders, useful for transporting PC or documents. The briefcases can however become your fashion bag and be used for various reasons, such as weekender or gym bag, carry-on baggage, or even how to bag a premier event.

Any briefcase, whether in leather or fabric, as long as the shoulder strap is detachable and the product is of good quality, can easily be combined with a more elegant outfits, such as a white shirt and a skirt or a dress size that resume colors. You do not run the risk of going unnoticed and be creative and original!

The clutch, however, are very beautiful, but not suitable for everyday life because of its small size. Its can be used especially in the evening or for special events, as may be a wedding or graduation. We can put inside the bare essentials: cell phone, keys and wallet.

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The theme of the year is definitely, even in the bags, Eco-fashion. At the start, then, recycled materials such as PVC, resistant and easily washable, but also the fabrics recovered from old garments matched to materials and articles of different types.

A nice collection for this year is Fiscatech who made ​​the whole collection of bags in biodegradable fabrics and solvent-free, printed with natural elements. Among other products these are customizable and you can order one with the press that everybody wants, a beautiful and creative turnaround, which I hope very hard.

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As for styles and colors, this season the star are the 70’s. Therefore they will display floral prints, geometric prints and natural, but all dictated by bright colors like orange, green, blue and yellow, but where ecology and recycling remain in the foreground.

collection and a distinctive brand in this sector, though little known, is Emoxtion offering hand bags, shoulder bags and purses made ​​from recycled PVC of a thousand colors.

The bags are still essential for an accessory’s outfit a woman and must be in keeping with this. Especially this year, where fashion called Deep rich colors, it is very important and the most difficult to match them to the correct clothes.

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So, if you choose a very colorful bag your clothing will be more neutral colors. The idea could be a skirt or trousers colored, taking over the color of the bag, and a t-shirt basic. You could then enrich your outfit with some colorful accessory that includes the colors of the bag. The result will look energetic but not exaggerated.

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Conversely, if your dress is very colorful, choose accessories more moderate, to cushion the effect of color.

Let’s say that the general rule for dressing well is what I call the “rule of conflict”, i.e. if the accessories used much color the dress should be less vibrant and vice versa. The same applies to find something that is suited to your physical appearance: if you are blonde, and you have a fair complexion, you can dare with a stronger tone and visible as dark brown or blue, but if you are dark-eyed brunettes or not wear blacks, grays or browns but exalted your look with bright colors like green or blue.

Remember that everything must be in harmony and there is no bad thing if worn with poise and range in style in the right occasions.

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