Have you forgotten the five attitudes that represent what you are?

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There are many attitudes that you can choose, but there are 5 that are part of human nature from birth than likely, you forgot the obedience, fear and judgment of others.

You do not need to learn these five attitudes, and they are already in you, you just have to remember them and thus are.

We learn only the things we seek to do, but attitudes about our true nature are not things to “do”, but states of “being” no matter what we do.

I behold the confusion in learning about the subject. You can not become friendly, kind, grateful, happy and passionate by means of any action to be performed.

You cannot because you become what it already is, but you’ve forgotten.

That memory usually comes from the problems that you live, that is, of the uncomfortable feelings in order for you to be alert or attentive to you and thus consciously choose between what is bad and it is opposite.

  1. Be kind

If you love me should make me happy! If I have for you, you must take care of me! If you appreciate me, you should always stay with me! If I give you this, you must give me that!

Would you like to you the requirements and conditions, exchanges and guilt in a relationship?

Look around and you will see that most of the people live their love relationship of the usual total unconsciousness.

In addition, if you do nothing different from others, you not only make larger disputes and penalties in their relationship, but also lower their self-esteem.

  1. Be careful

Have you had you conflict with a person who has not been attentive or helpful to you? During that conflict, were you only focused on themselves heard in order to get something for you?

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Almost all conflicts in human relationships are born from lack of attention on himself and on the other and if you do not see this situation consciously, then you are creating, inadvertently discussions will produce division and conflict.

  1. Be recognized

Almost everyone say be recognized by others is one of the most important things in life, but it is possible that this is the biggest mistake of unconsciousness?

It is recognized as the creator that you recognize as you and as a result, the need for recognition from others disappears.

That does not mean that you do not like the recognition of others. That means you no longer need recognition from others.

  1. Be Happy

Is not that boring, monotonous read, see 20 times the same movie at the cinema? Is not that how you live your life looking at all costs, to live the same scenario as above, since it is convenient, known and safe?

Why is it that you hold both the known, the past and relive what you call the future?

Are they expectations that are far from the reality? Do you think an imitative life brings greater monotony in their lives and relationships?

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Happiness is not a coming result of something to do, but a state of being that is already in you before doing something, but you have forgotten.

  1. Be passionate

Would you happen often feel bored? When have you been passionate about doing something that you like? You say love your work but in a hurry to arrive on weekends and holidays?

Why are you constantly looking for solutions of fun, temporary distractions, which then immersed in a deep monotone?

But above all, how many times has sought to prove to others that his life is passionate, but in the reality of his soul and in all honesty is often the opposite?

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