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Choose the best SEO Company is a decision that needs to analyze a number of aspects, which often tend to be disguise and do not reflect the true reality. Many companies engaged in this business, keep old practices SEO currently no longer work, they hurt and may result in penalties. If you want to make sure you succeed in this decision, then we share with you 10 tips to choose the best SEO Company to position a web page.

1. Your Business

The best SEO Company takes long enough to understand and assimilate the model of your business time, goals and objectives, and its current position in the market in terms of this, grant a vocational guidance and jointly define the best marketing strategy.

2. Internet marketing or SEO strategy

A good SEO Company will have no problem describe the difference between internet marketing and SEO strategy, so be sure to ask the company to detail its concept of these terms. What is the most appropriate, start with researching keywords or analyze current competition?

3. Analysis of your website

This aspect can also help you choose the best SEO Company that is if the company has already reviewed your site and made you highlight problems indexing of incoming links, the site profile online, technical problems, etc…, we speak of a serious and committed to the project partners.

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4. Watch your ranking in Google

Do a search on Google in incognito to the term “Web marketing” or something related to SEO positioning, ​​adding your city to determine its position in search results. Ideally, the SEO Company should appear in the first search results, if not, how do then they will position your site in the highest ranking of Google?

5. Look for the ranking of other customers

Call to get a list of keywords from the competition to check the ranking of your other clients. If you notice doubts or lack of interest in provide this information, it is best to look for another SEO company because they have certainly not achieved the best results.

6. The cancellation policy

What in the future if you decide to terminate your SEO project with the company? Check their cancellation policy and check things like removing links or reduction of on-page optimization.

7. Rankings and Conversions

Find out if the Company you intend to hire the best SEO Company for SEO positioning focuses on these two factors. In other words, if you have it does not offer you to position your website in the top search results on Google or does not include a conversion strategy for the site.

8. References and Testimonials

This point is also important in choosing an SEO consultant, not only in terms of verifying the information, but also to learn about the process, the experiences of other customers and basically what you would expect to work with that company. Remember that SEO positioning is a long-term process that requires close collaboration and communication.

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9. SEO Reporting

Before hiring a SEO Company you should know how they would surrender accounts; will they do with monthly reports with all the details of the SEO management or will through acquiring links? Find out whether the results will be given in printed documents, we send them by email or even if the company is willing to give proof of their activities.

10. Continuous updating of the SEO team

Finally, pay special attention to their plans and technical SEO techniques, i.e. it is an Company that is kept updated with the latest trends in the segment of optimizing search engines, are you always looking for continuous improvement? Are you interested in learning and research? etc. Needless to say, but the industry of online marketing is dynamic and changes almost daily, so if you notice they are using outdated practices or methods, it is best to look for another SEO company that if you update and constantly looking to improve.

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