How do I know if I am prepared to undertake?

I am prepared to undertake
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Starting a business is a lot like becoming a father. Not only we have to be psychic prepared and economically , we must be committed to meet their needs until it is mature enough to walk on their own, so this decision should be taken from the reflection and responsibility that the route will be hard.

Here are several questions to ask before embarking…

Am I passionate about my product or service?

Let’s face it: take is very stressful. We constantly ask if we have made ​​the right choice, especially when working hours are long and the initial gains (if any) are minimal. As promoters of the business, we are also selling our company and our enthusiasm for the product or service, it is often the difference that connects customers, attracts offers and captures potential investors.

Am I good at making decisions?

No one else will do for you, when we own our business, we need to be trained in the ability to decide. Consider how you would respond to these first decisions: Do I work from home or I can rent an office? Should I hire employees or I can use freelance collaborators? Do I orient to high – end customers or try to go for the rotation? Is now the time to make the leap? Should I borrow money from friends or family? Do I use my savings? Note that the decision – making process becomes more complicated as time goes on, once you have employees or customers depending on you. The decisions we make can lead to success or fall, so you should have confidence in our ability to make the right decision becomes essential.

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What is my risk tolerance?

Whether to leave a job of signing a lease for a new space, starting a business is not recommended for fragile heart. There is no guarantee of success, or even a fixed salary. If you have risk aversion, the launch probably is not the right path for you.

Am I willing to take on many responsibilities?

While an employee of the company focuses on a particular skill or function within the corporation, the business owner must provide everything for the business. Autonomous in particular must be versatile and play at the same time a number of functions, from selling and accounting, to collector. If we are not accustomed to juggling many roles, perhaps not the best option entrepreneurship. The recent economic crisis has made ​​it more important than ever for business owners have a good knowledge of the finances of their companies.

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Can I avoid burnout?

Work seven days a week causes us to lose touch with friends, hobbies and interests and abandon not take time for our loved ones, which can quickly lead to exhaustion and ultimately business failure. If we stick to habits to maintain work / life balance, as work on Sundays, devotes time to hobbies such as sport, leisure … it is more likely to enjoy the moment.

Take time to reflect on these questions, make an examination of conscience, and then if you think you have what it takes, go for it.

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