How does the dress at work?

Dress at work
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Is it a good idea to wear a suit at work or simply a nuisance outdated? Many companies still require their workers to dress formally, despite the weather conditions or that they will not see any client. Is it an absurd obsession or has some sense?

Indeed, while this may seem absurd, has already been investigated once in the academic world, and the results will not please those who believe it is better to dress as comfortable as possible.

Experiments vs. suit tracksuit

In 2014 published a study about it, whether wearing a suit was an advantage or not in a work environment. This study of the Yale School of Management used 128 men between 18 and 32 years of diverse backgrounds and professions. They proceed to participate in a role play in which trading buying a factory.

The men were divided into three groups. The first group would sweatshirt, sweatpants and flip-flops, the second group would take suits and dress shoes the third group would be neutral, would dress as presented to the study. The seller would be a neutral, although no neutral had the role of buying and selling at the same time. Buyers have information about the factory and the right price.

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The results showed that dresses in a suit, were much more aggressive and negotiation that neutral and these in turn those who wore tracksuit. Buyers with an average grant made ​​suit on his first bid of $ 830,000. Neutral dresses an average grant of $ 1,580,000 and dressed in tracksuit an average grant of $ 2,800,000.

To give us an idea, the difference between wearing a suit and a tracksuit going to be a profit of $ 680,000 for the buyer with tracksuit to a profit of $ 2,100,000 for the buyer. Wear a tracksuit to work could be very expensive.

Professor Kraus, believes that this effect comes from the wear a suit gives an impression that wearing it is successful in what he does, is perceived in this way and therefore the note that is perceived in this way increases confidence and performance .

What if your job does not involve negotiating?

They also are the opinions of those who think that carrying a garment or another can influence externally, but can affect us internally. That’s what I tried to find out the teachers Abraham Rutchick of California State University Northridge and Michael L Sepain of Columbia University. The experiment they did was ask enough students to bring two sets of clothes, as they normally would go to class and how they would go to a job interview.

After putting them through cognitive tasks, those who formally dressed achieved better results in tests than those who did their normal clothes. This effect was underway even despite their economic level (judged by the help they received from the university) and from formal to describe their dress every day at work.

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Be careful, this does not work only for costumes, but they can affect some other type of clothing with which we have associated certain perceptions. In a study by Adam D. Galinsky, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the result was similar for lab coats. Those who wore lab coats had better results on average in certain cognitive tests than those who did the tests were the clothes they brought street.

At a time when many leading companies allow their workers to dress as they want and get to imitate other studies that basically says they should do otherwise arise. On theother hand, I also think that no sense make you spend hot summer workers as always, everything in moderation.

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