How junk food destroys our memory

Junk food
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I have always been a little friend of junk food, but every day I walk away more of it because it brings me nothing beneficial to health. This approach merely is reinforced when I run into articles, publications and new studies on the subject. The last one, about how junk food destroys our memory.

In addition to lead to health problems, weight and nutrition, among the best known, junk food also has a negative effect on our memory, slowly destroying it. A somewhat bleak picture of me without any doubt and without pain, I have no intention of joining.

Two notes on junk food

The term junk food was born in 1972 by American Michael Jacobson, director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. It designates all those foods that have no nutritional value, i.e. that do not provide nutrients. However, they are more than enough calories, salt, sugar and fats, elements that make it palatable and produce feelings of pleasure.

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In recent years, despite how unhealthy it is, junk food has gained ground and has become very popular. Nothing wrong occasionally consuming, but it is important to keep in check their consumption and base our diet intake fresh and varied food. This coupled with the use of techniques of healthy and respectful of the cooking product, is ideal to maintain our healthy body and mind.

How junk food destroys our memory

And keeping the focus of this issue in the functioning of our nervous system, studies on nutrition and its influence on brain development, as directed by Gene Bowman, Professor of Neurology at the University of Health Sciences of Oregon, confirm that excessive consumption of junk food can produce a memory leak.

Gene Bowman away from applied research to date, based on surveys of people on your weekly diet method. Your search for the relationship between food and brain aging focuses on the direct study of the type of nutrients found in the blood.

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The results show the existence of a strong relationship between trans fats and cognitive ability. An inverse relationship showing that the greater the amount of trans fat we eat, mostly by eating junk food (not only), the lower our memory capacity.

We knew that too much junk food is harmful to our health, because it can cause weight gain, obesity and other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or cancer, especially colon. Now we discover that junk food destroys our memory. One more reason if there was no longer enough to rethink their consumption and marked a healthy diet.

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