How long it will steal social networks freelancers and self-employed?

Social networks freelancers
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When someone decides to work for themselves one of the issues that is quickly realizes that time is one of the most valuable things. We are short hours throughout the day, so it is necessary to maximize the use we make of it. Social networks are basic to be connected in many ways with customers, with other professionals in our industry, etc. But how long they will steal social networks freelancers and self-employed?

Here we speak of wasting time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram mostly because many freelancers do not find a clear return on time invested in the form of new contacts, new customers or increased personal visibility. Also in many cases you communicate in social networks as we would personally, which ultimately results in poor visibility or time spent and just by subtracting other activities.

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The time spent and the importance for our personal brand depends heavily on the sector in which the autonomous moving. Not the same the performance you can get a plumber to Facebook a graphic designer or a Webmaster. It is also to see what world our customers regularly, as well as other professionals with whom we can collaborate move.

In any case for a professional who uses the network normally should not take more than 15 or 20 minutes a day. If you do not want to get stuck in social networks you need to make quick raids, enter, review and answer mentions and exit. And this periodically makes two or three times a day. Also schedule and share things that drew attention and we think are interesting for people who follow us.

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At some point in the week we’ll have to spend a little more time to see if the impact of comments and content we share is being planned or not, so that allows us to redefine our strategy if necessary. The important thing in any case is to be clear that this time devoted to social networks cannot be a lost time, but we have to raise awareness and professional to a greater number of people who may need our services.

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