How not to lose bargaining power

Bargaining power
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When a negotiation one of the most important factors is to start bargaining power and, of course, not lose it. The bargaining power is the ability to influence others to achieve better results in negotiation. In other words, it is the ability to control the resources and benefits of the other negotiating party.

Factors bargaining power


There is a direct relationship between information and bargaining power. The more we know about the object of negotiation, other bidders or interested, the market situation, future trends, etc., may our have bargaining power.

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That is, the resources at our disposal to carry out the argument and justification for our proposal to give more consistency and credibility.


The party has more urgency will have a more vulnerable position. Regardless of the rush of each party, negotiations must be made in time which means you have to be prepared for contingencies and leave time to present an alternative option to our initial proposal.


To the extent that part more than the other depends on negotiation, or transmit that impression, be more vulnerable. If you have equal or better options than the worst solution could obtain through negotiation, our bargaining power is greater, because less dependent on negotiation.”

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Negotiating skills

Although the best information you have, it is ready to handle the times of negotiation or arguments that legitimize our proposals, as the processes are not fluent and skills for exchange have to be taken, we will be at a distinct disadvantage.

Negotiating is not easy and always win very complicated. In fact, if you think about it, very simple should not be when artists or athletes have their own negotiators who are their representatives.

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