How the hybrid cloud is used in everyday life?

Hybrid cloud
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The hybrid option is a favorite of business, because sometimes their needs are so complex operation that requires use of both private and public resources.

Public cloud offers the advantage of providing scalability; payment is made by consumption of processing and storage resources resulting from a heavy traffic or unpredictable. While private cloud offers greater security and control who hires, and is ideal for more predictable tasks.

Through a combination of private and public hybridity, companies can hire profitable cloud computing.

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But this combination of resources is a hybrid cloud half as it can be further enhanced with the recruitment of traditional storage on dedicated servers. These offer reliability and ultrafast design.

“Overall, it is an extremely powerful and convenient for business combination in terms of performance and cost,” says Hermes Lopez, Manager of Rackspace Cloud, an organization that offers a true hybrid cloud.

How does it apply?

A company that has contracted the hybrid cloud is able to offer a comprehensive service to the user, through infrastructure “separate”. Some situations in which this happens:

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1) A service that interacts with its users from the public cloud, but keeps data protected in private. For example, online stores that store payment information.

2) A firm that wants to associate your local email infrastructure to a public cloud service. For example, companies that associate their web domain Google business services.

3) A social network where users registered in a database server, accessed from the public cloud service hosted in private.

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