How to adjust the lighting of the space where you edit your photos

Adjust the lighting
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When we edit our images on your computer, many factors affect how we evaluate the brightness, contrast and colors of our photographs. Apart from the monitor you’re using and its calibration (which we strongly recommend that you calibrated), light environment in which we are working will affect our view of the images. We give some clues to control this factor that often we ignore.

Overall, the norm is to work in a space where there is no excessive lighting and especially not affect directly to our screen form. The average light must have in our workspace must be between 32 and 64 lux Want to know how to measure it? Making you with the light meter you can measure accurately.

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The type of light bulbs we should have in our study fluoresce a temperature of 5000K. It is important that we comply with the temperature and not use bulbs of lower temperature as it is one of the factors that affect how we see our images. Spotlights should never be placed in front of the monitor or so that impinges directly on its surface.

It is important to count on a visor on your monitor to make sure you do not get any reflection on your screen. Do not worry, you do not need to buy a monitor with visor, yourself can create one for a small fee.

Ideally, the spaces in which you work have a neutral tone, i.e. above all the walls are less than 60% reflectance and are possible to be of gray. It is also important when working do not wear gaudy clothes, if you can go dressed in gray or black, the better.

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Finally, once you have your workspace prepared as far as lighting is concerned, it is important that gauges the monitor light situation where you’ll be working and not to modify. It is therefore important not working with windows of light, but in places where lighting conditions are always the same.

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