How to avoid arguments

Avoid arguments
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Many of my friends have or have had enough discussions with their partners, so that is why in this article on LifeStyleQA I want to give solutions on how to avoid arguments.

The coexistence is not easy, but not only can the domestic partnership, also living in the family, with parents, siblings, even with friends sometimes it be difficult. We each have a different education, our parents raised us differently, besides that we each have our character and atmosphere in which we lived also determines our thinking. Therefore, you and your partner can have completely opposite points of view in the same situation, this is very common, but how do you avoid arguments?

As I said many times, the pillar of a couple is communication and if we get together, it is very common to have very different points of view it is not easy to avoid all discussions.

A discussion can last from a few minutes to several days or months, I want to help you when you have a shortest time possible and help reaffirm your love and not to destroy feelings.

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The most important thing is that if your partner has said something that has hurt you much no attacks, we are not in a war, sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and not say the first thing that goes through your head, breathe deeply and count to ten before answering anything I’ve told you and it hurts.

Do not use the “you” all the time, try using the “we” if in a conversation start saying, “You’re a mess in the house, do nothing” you are attacking your partner with the “you” instead of it can say “could help in the house” so you do not attack, you also have you been part of the problem and your partner will not feel attacked.

Try to put yourself in their shoessympathize, this is something I rarely do, we are selfish by nature and we only care about the other person to see what hurts us anything, but just your partner has not done on purpose, trying to think what it is the reason for its action and stand in their shoes before starting a discussion.

Ask yourself: is it worth it? Often would avoid a discussion considering first whether it is worthwhile to discuss the matter or is so trivial that it is better to move on and be at peace with our partner.

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Anyway, do not think that a discussion is wrong, discussions are good, let us learn more about our partner and we help to find a way to stockings, but only if you know how to stop in time and talk in a civilized manner, without insults, without shouting, without throwing dishes into the air and of course without coming to blows. If an argument ends that way you do not learn anything good or the relationship goes further strengthened.

I hope that helps and every time you have an argument with your partner be able to bring about as soon as possible and that they may learn of the situation to strengthen your love.

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