How to be friends with my partner

Friends with my partner
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There is nothing healthy in a relationship that can interact with your partner also like your friend, that is, able to party with him, do different social activities and, above all, to be in a group of people independently and funny. There are some couples who have only one life “partner”, i.e., they make plans or with other couples or alone but you never know relate from another plane with the person with whom they share every day and this eventually can affect the relationship. In this article we will give you some tips so you know how to be friends with your partner and, well, your relationship is as durable as possible.

If you want to be friends with your partner begin by asking you a basic question that will mark the change in the relationship: would you spend enough time? Often routine, everyday and confidence makes stop watering the plant of the relationship and, therefore, this could end up languishing in a corner of the home. It is therefore important to think about your relationship, you’re in the mood to care and give it the attention it deserves.

Think of one thing: when a friend comes home, are not you turning off the TV; you give something to drink and are just for him? Then do the same with your partner, it’s very easy! You just have to pay attention when you arrive, ask what that is, spend even if they are 30 minutes, so, to know how you are going the day but the conversation focuses solely on the dinner going to take or obligations that you have to do.

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You have to try to see your partner as well as your friend and, for this, if you want to have fun does not need to call some friends but tries to satisfy your desire for fun dating your boyfriend / girlfriend. This change of mindset is important that you do if you want to become his friend as well, will be able to start seeing you as fellow fun and not only as the partner with whom to go to the movies, out to dinner or a walk on the beach.

Go together to go bowling, a concert, a few drinks or a club can be great ideas to foster a relationship more than friendship rather than couples. Breaking with tradition and explore new ways of relating is important to reinvention and, above all, never bored together!

If you take time with your partner and do not know quite what to do when you are alone, do the following exercise: try to remember what you were doing when you began to leave. All couples start to be together to spend more time with each other and, sure, at the beginning of your relationship not parabolic of doing things and many plans, right?

It is now time to regain that passion and interest in the other, so remember what you liked so much to do and, one day, surprise your partner with this plan. Sure you will love! In addition, start making plans together different motivate the two begin to think of other activities to enjoy in your company.

It is also very interesting start cultivating a hobby in common as well, able relations how friends as well as spend more time together and also meet other people. For example, you can go every weekend bike for a walk and then go out for dinner or take a picnic; you can also try some sport together as paddle tennis, golf and so on.

Try doing an activity together the two loops join your partner and will make you come over great when you’re together. There is nothing healthier as create one life together with your partner that goes beyond being at home or going to the movies.

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To be friends with your partner is also important that your trust in each other and that you support you in good and bad times. This quality is found in all kinds of relationships but the basic difference is that in a couple, sometimes taints the relationship and end can barely hold a conversation without discussing or without anticipate the thinking of the other. But that does not really do it with a friend?

If one day a friend calls you to give you a story, tell you a problem or ask safest advice is to stop doing what you’re doing and lend maximum attention. In addition, we will listen carefully, you’ll use empathy to advise you and will maintain the maximum respect for him. Then do the same with your partner, but tell you what you do not seem important, for he / she is so try to act the same way in which you act when you’re with a friend.

It is also essential that you avoid the most of the routine in your relationship.In fact, the monotony is the greatest enemy of love, passion and romance so, although you may live together, should try to propose different plans, cultivate that more spontaneous part of yourself and, above all, do not go with the flow and boredom that plagues many couples.

In this sense, you should try to set aside one day a week to your partner and think of an original, different and fun plan to do. Explore the possibilities offered by your local and Try new things together: it is a way to ensure that each appointment is surprising and you return to regain the passion and joy of being together.

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