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Book an airline
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Whether you’re traveling by plane for the first time, or if you’re an experienced flight, a detail that always drives us crazy to buy tickets is traveler how to book an airline seat. Here in LifeStyleQA we will try to answer that question, so you can make your next trip with all the comfort you deserve.

Web check-in

Your best option to reserve an airplane seat is to make the web check-in. It is the same as the classic check is done at the counter of the airline, but with the facility to do it from home and internet. You just must go to the website of the airline you travel, enter your information and your reservation and go! 

From that page, as well as to choose the seat (if the carrier allows it), you will print your boarding pass. Consider that depending on the type of flight and the airline you travel, you will have different times enabled to make your check-in, most often between 24 and 48 hours of flight.

Some airlines do not allow electronic check in for flights to and from specific destinations. In these cases, you will have to do the check directly at the counter before boarding.

In low cost airlines

Some low cost airlines do not allow reserving a seat on the plane, but is assigned in order of arrival. Although this is not the same with all the airlines that offer cheap flights.

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In most cases, airlines operating mode how are you to choose the seat, you are paying an extra fee. Generally, the increase in the price is very low and does not make a big difference to buy a ticket, when compared to the rates of the major airlines.

Difference between seats

To find out how to book an airline seat, you also have to know the different types of seats that you can choose to travel by air. For example, there are the seats located on the emergency exits. These are the most sought after, because they have plenty of space in front and let you extend your legs, but keep in mind that they are not for everyone.

To sit in these spaces must meet certain requirements: You must be over 15 years, have no mobility problems and be able to understand instructions relating to safety. They must be people who have sufficient strength to operate the emergency exit door and willing to help if the situation so requires. This is because in an emergency these passengers will have to assist the crew.

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On the other hand, the front seats may seem tempting because they are also very spacious, but eye! Which they are usually reserved for parents with small children and babies. Best avoided, because once on board, the crew you can ask kindly change your location.

If you are a heavy sleeper, the window may be best for you, but if you cannot spend much time sitting in the same place, the better I chose corridor.

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