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Buy abroad when traveling is an issue that raises many questions. You can make submissions to the hotel? What is a spending limit that I have to buy abroad? Will I have problems with customs when you return? On this article of LifeStyleQA we will try to answer all these questions, so you can do your shopping in peace after booking your airfare! 

Shipments hotel

When you decide to travel by plane to a city like Miami or New York, with many shops and shopping options, the least want is to be dragging bags all day. Therefore, a good idea is to ask you to send it to your shopping hotel! 

Giving just your full name and the address where you are staying reached. Just make sure that the name to be registered at the hotel is the same as the recipient for sending. I take into account that some of the hotels in Miami charge a fee for receiving packages for its guests. Check with your hotel because this is not a standardized value and service may vary. This system also works to make purchases over the Internet on sites like Amazon, eBay and the like.

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Please note: If online shopping be sure to be in town when it comes to shipping. The average shipping time varies according to the website where you make the purchase. Pay close attention and do well the bills! So you do not have to leave town without your purchase.

Another point to contemplate is that not all stores have delivery services to hotels, and in some cases request that the address of the credit card is the same as that is done the shipping. Worth clarify before completing the purchase to not get on the plane without your shopping!

Spending limit and customs

Many airfares abroad have the best prices so you can take advantage of your trip to spend extra money on your purchases either in clothing or technology. For example, any traveler to enter Argentina from abroad by air or sea has a spending limit of $300 US in respect of luggage (which is halved to enter the country by land). This does not include personal items, clothing, books, pamphlets and newspapers. Any purchase would exceed the limit must be paid with a tax of 50% of the excess value. So if you arrive at the office with purchases worth $ 350, you will have to pay $ 25 in taxes.

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You are also going to have a tax bonus for shopping in the duty free shops with an additional $ 300 limit.

Please note: When traveling with family you can add these limits (those under 16 have a limit of 150 by air or sea) to increase your purchasing power abroad without paying tribute to enter through customs.

If the trip brings your camera, notebook or any other foreign-made object, you can make a statement at to avoid problems at customs upon return. We hope this article of LifeStyleQA has cleared your doubts about how to buy in the United States and other foreign countries.

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