How to choose a good sports sunglasses, what you should know?

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Protect our eyes when we do outdoor sport is important in any season, but especially in two specific situations: in summer and went up to mountain sports in winter and the light is reflected on the snow. In this case we will focus on sunglasses to train outdoors in summer, which is the time that touches us closely now.

The ultraviolet or UV radiation, which is part of the light spectrum, is the one that most affects our eyes: the parts of the eye that suffer major consequences are the lens (which can be related increased exposure to UV radiation with the development of cataracts) and the cornea.

How I can protect my eyes?

Since ultraviolet rays reach our eyes both the hours when the sun is at its zenith (between 10 am and two p.m.) as at dawn and sunset, the most important thing is that we protect our eyes in an appropriate way with sunglasses that meet our needs.

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These glasses should have a UV filter at least 99% (most quality sunglasses, sports and manufacturers often have optical filter 100%) and a light filter appropriate to the activity that we will perform.

The filter light is divided into five categories (from 0 to 4) according to the visible light that miss: does not mean a higher light filter protects us, but the glasses will be darker and suitable for certain occasions.

To give us the idea, recommended in Sports Mountain or desert lenses are always the Category 4, the darker, due to the special lighting conditions. The class indicated for use in full sun (if left to run in the morning in summer, for example) would be Category 3.

Another type of lens to consider is photo chromic, changing the intensity of the filter according to the sunlight reaching them, usually of category 1-3 or 2-4.

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What should I consider in choosing a sports glasses?

In addition to the filter and filter UV light is important that we look at the materials: they must be lighter and stronger, which can cope with the impacts, so the polycarbonate would be the best choice when choosing a sports glasses.

In addition, the glass must be curved and wraparound some way to deal with the peripheral light that can “slip” on the sides or reflected. The polarized lenses are what help us to have better contrast, preventing reflected light and glare.

As for color, it is a subjective issue: it is best to keep trying to find a lens with which we feel most comfortable. The most used colors are brown (which greatly improves the contrast), green (especially suitable for water sports and cycling) and gray.

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