How to clean glass windows

Clean glass windows
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Clean the windows of your home can be a very easy task if you follow these tips and guidelines. Every two or three months thoroughly cleaned windows, including frames, to remove dust and mold. Here we will share with you some guidelines how to clean the windows?

To clean the windows above all dusts under a dry microfiber cloth to remove the cobwebs. Take care of dusting both the vertical and horizontal frame pieces. Clean the frame with a soft damp cloth and for remove mold prepare a solution of one part bleach to three parts water. Dip the cloth in this preparation, drain it and it happens again.

Prepare a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water in a bucket. Soak the sponge in the preparation or in a spray bottle and spray it on the window up and down. Work quickly to avoid scratching the glass and wipe the window with a cloth of microfiber or newspaper to dry.

Guidelines for cleaning windows

Windows should be clean with some frequency, especially in humid and no hot days, or early summer so that the liquid is apply to perform well.

Cleaning the windows is an activity that often requires painstaking work, especially when it comes to removing dirt from the outside of the blinds or that there are no stains or lint on the glass. This article provides guidelines to make it easier to clean the windows and explains the different alternatives about liquids and tools for this, in addition to methods for removing dirt marks and blinds.

The size of the windows is a valuable element in homes: the bigger they are the greater the amount of natural light that are. This favors the decoration of spaces and the good mood of the people living in the house. The downside is the cleaning, which is quite cumbersome task, not only because of the size of the windows, but also to certain difficulties, such as remaining spots on glasses or discomfort to clean the outside of the blinds. However, these issues have be a little easier if certain tips like those discussed below are followed.

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Tools for cleaning windows

There are several ways and tools to clean the glass. The most appropriate tools for doing so are the brushes and the like using dryers to professional glaziers, and can be commercially available for not much money.

Otherwise, you can also clean with a cloth or paper, but this way is more than likely to become smudged or fluff on the glass. If paper is used, it is best to avoid paper towel (or similar) and use newspaper or coffee filters, whose texture and consistency make clean better and leave fewer traces on the surface.

Cleaning fluid for crystals

Regarding the cleaning liquid with which we can use glass cleaner on the market or create a mix that allows obtaining similar results. There are several different formulas for this home product. The most powerful is prepared with 2 liters of water, a cup of isopropyl alcohol 70%, a quarter cup of ammonia (i.e. about 60 milliliters) and a dash of dishwashing detergent.

Other options include natural products to create the mix: can be made ​​with a quart of water and six tablespoons of vinegar and a dash of dishwashing detergent, and you can add the juice of a lemon. In addition, cornstarch, dissolved in the resulting liquid, provides cleansing properties. In all cases, it is recommended that the water is warm (not hot).

Steps to make it easier to clean the windows

  • Should apply the liquid over the entire surface of the glass andlet it work a few minutes on it, so that the dirt that is stuck loose. Then they must clarify always starting from the top.
  • If the dryer is used glazier kit, you have todry the rubber band (the part that meets the glass surface) after each pass. If a cloth is used, however, it must be drained each time.
  • Should not clean the glass on a sunny day, because the liquid will dry very fast and may not perform well
  • Should paper, their own state and the results indicate when to stop is useddiscard and use another. When used newsprint paper ink stain hands a lot in the time of cleaning, but the glass will be fine. In addition, wash your hands; the ink will clean quite easily.
  • An important fact: contrary to what may seem, the moments of full sun or in running a dry wind and pleasant are the worst for cleaning the window.Why? Because these conditions cause the liquid to dry very quickly and are unable to properly loosen stubborn dirt. Therefore, it should be cleaned on humid days and not so hot and, in summer, early morning.

Clean frames

For cleaning frames, most important thing to remember is to use a cleaning substance according to the materials from which they are constructed. If they are of aluminum or other metal, the ideal is to use water with a little alcohol. For frames of PVC or other synthetic materials, better water and white soap or dishwashing detergent if they are very dirty. If they are of wood should take care to a specific product, such as a cleaning liquid parquet floors.

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Clean blinds

The blinds, meanwhile, posed some special challenges. By the ease with which gather dust in their slots, it requires a thorough cleaning in each.

In addition, prominent feature is how difficult it is to clean its outer side. If you are in the ground floor no problem, but if is on the first floor or above, working with half his body in the air it is not an option. The solution is to climb a stairs by the window inside the home, remove the cover of roller shutter and be patient to clean each piece and each slot, winding slowly as you clean.

With respect to the liquid that is, using for the blinds should follow the same recommendations for frames.

Finally, when it rains, it should lower the blinds. The benefit is twofold: the dust on the outside of these is removed and the crystals are protected. Not that this way blinds remain completely clean, but prevents dirt from accumulating and makes less complicated then remove it.

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