How to clean your sneakers so they are always impeccable

Clean your sneakers
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Increasingly sports brands that sell sneakers made ​​of suede available in a variety of colors. These sports, as with any shoe, they quickly become dirty with everyday use.

Worse, when they are soaking up the characteristic smell of sweat, which makes not feel anything tested again put. However, learning to wash them properly, we can keep them in good condition, as new, for years.

Instructions for a good wash

Brush the sneakers with a good specific suede brush to keep the material that has been made ​​in the best way possible. Such brushes usually do easily disappear dirt deposited in sports.

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Removes scratches recent suede with a rubber band. You are having the appearance of an eraser large, and work the same way. Simply you have to rub the scratch with her ​​to disappear.

Then pour a tablespoon of a specific cleaner for suede cleaning cloth, and rub with it the part of the sneakers that has been dirtied by small circular movements. Repeat until the stain disappears.

Dampen a cloth with warm water and soap (those green we used to wash dishes), and rub him the soles of shoes until clean.

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At this point, we can ** meter sports in the washing machine ** to disappear residues and the most stubborn odors. Remember to remove the laces and wash sports and cords separately. Pour detergent, and give the wash program for delicate. It should be washed using the half load option, the wash cycle and cold water (hot is more effective, but can cause you to lose color).

When the washing machine has finished washing, pulls out the sports and plays clean cloth inside to help them keep their shape, letting it air dry. When they have dried, put back the laces and enjoy your walk!

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