How to cleanse the body of Environmental Pollution

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The pollution can affect our health in different ways and with effects in both the short and long term. Some individuals are more sensitive to pollutants than others, children and the elderly, asthmatics, heart patients with lung problems, are usually the most affected by these environmental contamination.

The environmental pollution enters the body through the bloodstream through the air, water and food.

Effects of environmental pollution in the body

When this pollution enters our bloodstream, it causes toxins to accumulate in our body and balance of our organs affected, accumulate in the liver, responsible for the natural filtration of toxins from our body and this may be affected many kinds very significantly.

The disease is usually just a symptom of the imbalance to which we have brought our body. The human body has wonderful ways and mechanisms to solve problems that can be exposed as deficiencies, excesses, toxicity etc.

Although the current lifestyle has managed to these incredible capabilities adaptation sometimes our body collapses and make our ignorance adaptation to these drawbacks are being blocked.

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By understanding the mechanism of functioning of our body can solve most health problems, errors that are generated by ignorance in general, help us to understand that there is no medication that will help us overcome our health problems if not we understand the functioning of our body.

It is very important to understand how this mechanism daily poisoning. If daily incorporate all kinds of toxic our body cannot expel a collapse and end up with the result of a disease such as eczema or a more serious disease like cancer.

In this bodily function very logical, it is very important to know that our proper nutrition plays an important role, but we also know that little good is a right if we have exposed food or continuously expose our bodies to a great collapse of toxin.

Fatigue, insomnia, headaches, skin spots, tingling, muscle pain, altered nervous system, etc. this may be a manifestation of these problems accumulated in our body poisoning.

Toxin Types

There are two types of toxins: Toxins exogenous and Endogenous toxins:

Exogenous toxins

They are the external source and enter the body through:

  • The skin and mucous membranes (insecticides, paints etc)
  • Breathing (air pollution by toxic gases from factories, snuff, vehicles, fireplaces, etc.)
  • In the digestive tract (Alcohol, drugs, artificial coloring, red meat, processed food, etc)

Endogenous toxins

Our bodies are made that can in some cases be related to disease, infections such as typhoid, diabetes, hepatitis, also stress anxiety and produce toxins that are harmful to our health.

The body uses five ways to eliminate these toxins:

  1. Kidneys through urine
  2. The skin through sweat
  3. The intestines through droppings  
  4. The language through the cover layer
  5. The airways by mucus

The importance of purifying the body:

The agency daily produces and absorbs a large amount of toxins in different ways, and even has a mechanism purifying system, but this is not enough, and therefore eventually affects our health.

Symptoms of this overload are: fatigue, colds that never quite heal, sudden rash, etc. debug occasionally helps our body to recharge and renew help the kidneys to the liver and lungs work better.

Some foods that help cleanse the body

Grapes, apples, artichokes, lemon, cherry, fennel, radish, cabbage, beets, parsley, apple cider vinegar, fermented brewer’s yeast, whole grains, algae, these are some of the foods that can help this detoxification, consider being of organic origin if we are not providing more toxins.

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A diet of 24 hours can always be beneficial to eliminate these toxins and when our body badly in need of purification, a diet accompanied by infusions is a great help.

It is also important to lower the level of stress it is a major source of toxic. Practicing meditation, relaxation, yoga, nature walks, and sport in general helps us a lot.

A diet that I advise its effectiveness is taking soup with vegetables, seaweed, rice, applesauce and pear, throughout the day accompanied with cleansing infusions. This diet is advisable if misses them all can be for two days.

It is also advisable to take vegetable juices and fruit often advise many ingredients do not mix with each other is preferable to take more frequently, and only muscular two best and lemon juice.

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