How to Consciously Choose the Life of Your Dreams

Life of your Dream
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Everything in life is a choice and your spiritual growth depends entirely on the choices you make and the spirituality information that you immerse yourself in. The key to creating the life of your dreams is to begin the process of understanding how important it is to be conscious and aware of the choices you are making and whether those choices are serving you or not.

Relativity tells us that you can’t know something as an experience until you first come to know its opposite. That is the purpose of the theory of relativity and all physical life.

That is why we have this other beautiful, magnificent and glorious ability in our lives called choice. We get to choose whatever it is that we desire. We can say “the devil made me do it” all we want, but the ultimate reality is that we make a choice about every decision we make in our lives.

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Now comes the important question…

Are you making your choices consciously or unconsciously? Really think about that one. Remember we are thinking up the life of your dreams here.

Are you thinking consciously or unconsciously? Think about that, consciously.

Right now you are reading this article. You are fully in the present moment. Your mind is engaged. Your brain is processing the data. You are in a conscious endeavor to improve your life. Right now you are thinking consciously, but what happens when you stop reading this article? Are you going to go over and turn on the idiot box and watch the next generation of a “reality show?” Are you going to mindlessly subject yourself to the commercials that tell you to go out and buy the next best version of the useless material possessions that already fill your cupboards and closets and your life?

Is that what you call conscious living? Does that serve you? I’m not making judgments here; I am just making observations. It is entirely your choice as to what you fill your days and nights with. I just want you think about what you are thinking about because that is the only way that you can begin to think consciously.

If we are saying that life is a process, and we are, then we want to be awake and aware of that process. You can only do that if you are conscious that life is a process and then consciously aware about how the process works.

That’s why you are reading this article. To understand the true nature of how things work. This is a conscious endeavor, which takes some concerted effort, but the rewards and riches that await you are worth the undertaking.

We are not thinking about short-term gratification. We are going for the long haul, the big picture, the effortless life that awaits us when we wake up to this clarion call to consciously view life as a process.

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Telling ourselves that “the devil made me do it” isn’t going to cut it anymore. You can only use that excuse when you are living unconsciously. Remember we are changing the way we are thinking and thinking different thoughts.

…Thank you Albert Einstein for telling us that you can’t change your current situation by thinking the same thoughts that got you there. You must change the way you are thinking and think different thoughts…

Start the process of consciously being aware of your current situation and the begin to consciously make choices that open up different avenues of thought that have the potential to create the life of your grandest dreams and aspirations.

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