How to convert SPC to MP3

SPC to MP3
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SPC files are audio files that have been created to work with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. SPC soundtracks that accompany the popular Super Nintendo games have built their own followers, with sites of soundtracks who offer games for download. SPC files are compatible with very few programs, but if you want to use the audio file SPC in a program that cannot read the file, you can convert MP3 file to the SPC.

Steps to follow

Download Winamp 2.7. Winamp is a popular media player that can read many different types of audio files. Winamp 2.7 has a specific plug-in that easily convert audio files into MP3. The old version of Winamp is still available on sites like OldApps (see Resources). Once downloaded, follow the screens to install Winamp 2.7 on your computer.

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SNESamp download the plug-in (see Resources). The plug-in SNESamp Winamp makes it possible to read SPC files. Clicking on the settings, the screens that will guide you through the installation of the plug-in will open.

Open Winamp and go to “Preferences”. Click “Plugins” and click “Exit”. When the screen appears, select the plug-in “Nullsoft Diskwriter.”

Click “Configure”. When the window opens, click the “Output Directory” button. Put a check mark next to “convert format” and click the button with three dots next to it.Select the MP3 format and click “OK”.

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Pull SPC files you want to convert in Winamp. You can add Winamp audio files on the File tab. Click “Add Files to the Library.” Drag and drop individual files or entire folders of audio from the left window in the right window to import the playlist of Winamp.

Play the playlist. Make sure the first SPC file in the playlist is highlighted before clicking the “Play” button. The SPC files are played in order. When the entire playlist has finished playing, copies Diskwriter Nullsoft MP3 plug-in will be automatically created for each SPC file in the output folder you selected.

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