How to deal with liars

Deal with Liars
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Surely, you know someone in your environment that continues to lie. There are people who lie to pretend to get what they want and others simply believe what they say. Whatever the cause to be a lying person, you must understand that it is not something you can change. However, you can try to deal with that person in your day to day with the advice that we will give. Here in LifeStyleQA we tell you how to deal with liars.

Once you have found a person is lying as usual, you begin to look for ways to address the problem. The first thing to do is to document the lies. Although it may seem silly, you must have sufficient reliable evidence to prove the truth of his liar misconduct. Tests may be many: emails, letters, messages, recordings and even testimonials from third parties, possibly more than one.

When dealing with a liar, not rebuke him for his misbehavior in public. Apart from being very cold, you will see it as a personal attack and will close completely. Such situations should be dealt with privately provided. Now is the time to clearly say that you know you lie, and to detail even the lies he told you. However, do not attack him by saying he’s a liar, it is better to go slowly and watch if you really care about you stop doing it gradually.

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Now it is time for the liar you explain your behavior if justified. You must be very careful because you may explain while you lie again. If you see that you lie and make excuses test shows you have. After viewing the normal reaction, it is to apologize.

But if you notice that he is sincere and apologizes for his habit, you may not have to re-discuss this issue and does not happen again.

After this confrontation with your friend a liar, you should make it clear that you do not trust him as before. It is hard to say and surely smite his feelings, but should be aware of the damage caused to learn and behave accordingly. You should know that now your confidence in him is much less, and must prove over time to be changed.

It is customary to commit to tell the truth from now. In addition, even if he is a compulsive liar can recognize they have a problem and need your help. If that is the case, you may even recommend a psychological treatment if you really want to fix it, because a liar may end up losing everything: friends, work, family, etc.

The connection with a lying person will go through many ups and downs, and you may have conflicts constantly until the lies come to an end. You must be patient and allow time for that person to stop lying. This is not behavior that disappears overnight and you may have to re-take the previous talk several times.

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Assume that you have the power to change a person a liar, or anyone really. Are the very people who at any given moment, and decide not to go out to change their environment or harming themselves.

Be realistic, relate to a person who is lying emotionally exhausting. You will have to deal with this issue on a regular basis, maybe when you think everything is fine, again lie. It is a vicious and harmful to health that can make you feel very confusing circle. If things do not improve or getting worse you may need to distance yourself from that person whose behavior does not know or will not control.

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