How to deal with negative comments on social networks

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Open a Facebook page for our trade means being prepared to receive feedback from those customers that face us you are not able to lodge a complaint. Nothing new under the sun, the Internet is comfortable for the shyest of our customers place.

By creating a space on the network, it is not surprising that with the blandishments critical opinions are mixed with our job in occasions, inexperience can push the easiest way out: the flight and leave unanswered opinions, perhaps risky, but criticism after all.

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Is it compulsory to answer?

Yes. Unless we are aware that this is a troll that has just come to spend the afternoon inundating our insults, the rest must be answered.

It is strange, when you come to a page and the opinions / valuations; you find positive comments and thanks for the person responsible for managing the page.

However, when you come across a negative but well – argued commentary, it lacks answer, as if we stopped just spending our trade that we find it friendly and affable. Is it logical not open his mouth if a customer complains because in the Local very cold or hot?

From the smallest or surreal complaint, provided that it is exposed to education must answer.

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  1. If you count to twenty before reading a disproportionate anger, you do, but answer.
  2. Friendliness against aggression. Be kind to infinity and beyond. You do not know at what point that person wrote his furious criticism, perhaps loaded with reason but with hard expressions.
  3. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. When do you ask for a coffee you respond with, “Now if that tomorrow will bring?” No. For this dissatisfied customer will try to answer as soon as possible. Calmly trying to solve your problem with an apology if necessary and with something even more powerful: education and effectiveness.
  4. Solving a problem (small enough) will serve to strengthen our image towards the community of followers that we have generated. In fact, one of them is to give the face for our business.
  5. Something very important: if we are not responsible for the company, before giving an erroneous and hasty reply, consultation with managers to employ a proper action plan in that situation.

The bottom line is, professionalism is above the negative comments, we must know how to deal with these situations and solve them to learn to improve. And never, personally take offense where forms are lost and demonstrate education and solvency.

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