How to dress for a job interview

Dress for job interview
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You never know what clothes to choose for a job interview? Are you afraid to give a wrong impression or does not match your personality? Do not panic! Following these simple tips you also know make the most of your image and ensure a great first impression.

A job interview is one of the most important in professional life moments. And the image is another tool that can and should help to convey a message of professionalism, reliability and readiness for the position to which you present application.

First, you should try to dress according to our personality and personal style. That is, it makes no sense if we are to detect the suits jacket or dresses to put us one that day. Our clothes communicate much more than we think and notice that we are not happy or that we feel in disguise.

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The second key is to adapt the styling, without ceasing to be ours, the type of company, sector or job you present yourself. You did not see just a lawyer who has to go to court, an architect who has to test her creativity or responsible for relations public that is the image of a company. Also the dress code of each sector and each company varies. Some are stricter, others give more freedom. It is interesting to investigate in this direction before going to the interview.

Third, the styling should aim to formally. For example, if in doubt, it is better to opt for a shirt a shirt, a lounge a sandal, long-short or more formal wear as a jacket blazer. Some styles that never fail: a pretty white blouse, navy blue pants tweezers and lounges, a navy blue dress … The colors work best in a job interview are neutral: navy blue, gray, brown. The black is also recommended but never total look or with some add color to avoid giving too strict image. You have to be careful with the choice of accessories, because they are the ones who will help us bring our personal touch. The accessories are the most talk about us, but while it is advisable to choose them well, to be discreet but stylish, avoiding too recharged jewelry that distracts the interviewer.

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Other details to consider:

  • A natural makeup, to provide an effect good face
  • Pay attention to hair that is decisive in the overall image: loose or collected with a discreet hair.
  • Finally, do not forget the manicure, because our hands are visible throughout the interview. My recommendation is a manicure French type that provides a simple and elegant at the same time result.

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