How to fall in love and live a relationship in which you exist?

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Do you agonize loves failures? Have you lived the pain of love, a separation that has deeply hurt? Are you afraid of falling in love and then losing that magnificent feeling?

Almost everyone lives these experiences, such feelings and such concerns, but if you react with the same habits, then the consequences will be even more painful, without revenge and violence that will produce endless discussions.

Fortunately, our training in creative consciousness will bring more than hope, but a free and different choice of everything you have read and understood with respect to relationships. 

What would be your ideal love relationship?

If you fall in love and live a loving relationship, what are the most pleasant situations that would interest you would be?

Can you imagine being at every moment of your love relationship? Is that welfare is uniquely yours or the other too?

It is that welfare is the satisfaction of their needs or in a free choice to please the other without any obligation or guilt.

Would not you want that passion was present in your relationship? Did you know that your wishes would change over the years Cree, by evolution?

When you live problems, would you like to overcome with respect, understanding and feel proud if any exceeded? Do not you think that is a great success?

In addition, your freedom? Do you prefer your boyfriend or girlfriend is free and remains at his side by choice, for love or to stay out of obligation, by condition regardless of whether there is love?

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Are you already separated before the discussion?

Lately I read on the internet all those people, their millions of gimmicks, tricks, advice, opinions in order to have good relationships.

Many texts are similar, but there is a fundamental thing that is identical in each of those items and that is to say, to do or not do to achieve not fight.

By habit learned from birth, that is what we all do. We had no choice, we must do something to change something.

This process is identical no matter what you decide to do, and then the results will be.

Observe the reality and you will see that people are increasingly separated.

Note and see that no one has become aware of its truths that are your feelings, expressed through their emotions. He has been told rather the opposite.

As a result, you are separated already in you and you approach love relationships according to the same unconsciousness.

Do you live a relationship as if you did not exist?

If for example your partner tells you that you are a selfish person and has facts to prove it , then you should do something to not be. You decide not to be selfish by force, under compulsion, for control of you, will.

During that time, in your mind, you think about what you want, you retained and you give all the other forgetting himself. It works at first, but you continually feel it is not fair to you and then anger rises, the pressure rises and you do not indulge takes up the same behavior as before, but with more vigor.

Indeed, the other wants you to not be selfish, that is not to think, speak or make your wishes, but only yours. What kind of relationship is that? Who is selfish?

Must do is a decision reactive without any choice in their states of being, i.e. its truths. That process starts in the “doing”, and then you look to make choices rather than choosing states of being before doing something.

Being in love is to be attentive to their feelings of being and the other person in a relationship, then understands the intentions or desires of the other, without forgetting their own. Then you decide to do something.

But if you do something not seen or understood, then their decisions will not be reflected upon and you will create more problems.

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Expectations are what destroys loving relationships

You need love, security, in a loving relationship, but those are things that destroy love. You expect what the other gives and thus depend on him or her.

The expectations prevent human beings create the life you want, he says, not what others have told you what it was.

Love is not expected, it is a good feeling that you create by conscious choice and free choice in their relationships.

Dependence is not free and that is against his nature. You will be revealed against it, especially when you live injustice.

When a relationship serves only to the wishes of a person, then there is injustice or treatment of favor. In addition, justice cannot exist in the obligation but only the freedom to be.

That freedom is a preference of choice while the obligation is a reaction to make no choice.

You unconsciously repeat the same decision process reading and listening to everyone else instead of listening to yourself.

Why not enter your relationships, in all their relationships by keeping in mind, whatever you choose to be for you and the other, and not what you can get the other?

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