How to forget the past of my partner

How to forget the past
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Except for couples who are known from childhood or adolescence, the rest of us have met our partners in adulthood. For this reason, most relationships with others kept before meeting our current partner, as is logical. The last of our partner can become a heavy burden for unsafe and with a strong attachment to the relationship people. It also happens that some men have trouble accepting that their current partner has had previous relationships with other children. In this article we explain how to forget the past of your partner so you can get rid of your fears and anxieties about the person you love.

We cannot pretend that a girl or a boy of 25 or 30 years has not experienced relationships with other people, could actually be even strange, do not you think?

Normal and usual is that we have fallen in love with other people before meeting our current partner. You probably also has happened to you, so the other person is within his rights to have done.

Not understand this situation indicates a certain self-centered and selfish behavior, especially when things require the other person that we ourselves have done. In the case of men, that old view that women should not have sexual past (almost always comes down to that), it is certainly archaic and unrealistic, besides macho, of course.

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If you know yourself well and know your partner’s past can hurt you, ask as little as possible so as not to hurt you. In these cases, the less you know the better. Do not succumb to the morbid curiosity since it is possible that you take some unpleasant surprise. In addition, there are many people who maintain good relationship with your ex, which has an excess of information can become a torture.

Analyze your need for control and possession. Ask yourself where it comes from and why so present in your life. If we do exercises of introspection on issues that hurt us will be easier to solve.

It understands that the past can help us grow and improve as people through our failures and bad decisions. If you see things that way you will realize that the person who may have a somewhat troubled past may have become precisely because of that, someone mature and responsible, just what you were looking for.

We all make mistakes and you are the first. Remember that before you judge anyone. Life is not easy and it is possible that your partner has done the wrong thing, but probably did not know them otherwise.

We are all mirrors the other, if you notice that there is something in the other person that bothers you especially, look for it in yourself. Sure you find it, how you face it?

Enjoy the present moment. Remember that if he or she is with you now are because they want to, because you are you the person you love and respect. You lives in the present, in the now. What happened yesterday is already a dream, a memory, a fantasy. That person is with you now, I want now, is happy with you now. That’s what you should care.

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Strengthen your ties creating a future together. Plan new stages that make your relationship stronger and deeper. Go to live together, marry, have children … plans that make you happy and you require to grow as a couple and as human beings.

If you realize that the fears and insecurities are stronger than the relationship that you keep and you cannot forget the past with your partner breaks the relationship. The most important thing is to be happy and if, after a while trying, you realize that outweigh the negative than positive things, it is better to let it go.

You must be consistent with yourself and with your partner. It is a difficult decision, but it is essential to trust your partner if you want the relationship to work. If you find that’s not going to be possible, the relationship does not curdle.

The world of relationships is complicated but with a little common sense generosity and confidence, everything becomes easier.

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