How to forgive betrayal

Forgive betrayal
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Face the betrayal of someone who you care is very hard, it is difficult to accept that hurt us and, on the other hand, very easy to stay anchored in suffering. We must do everything possible to not remain embraced the pain because it can never be able to move on and get to forgive. These situations are heartbreaking pieces and restore balance is complex. Here in this article of LifeStyleQA we show you how to forgive betrayal.

The pain of betrayal that comes from a loved one is terrible; it’s one of those moments in life very hard to bear. A betrayal is hurtful and implies that that person was not as important as you thought, and it is a fact that you have to accept not to live with extreme bitterness and distrust everyone. One of the recommended steps to heal before a betrayal is put a name to that feeling. You must analyze what is produced in your soul that wound. Do you feel fear, mistrust, anger, sadness…? Identify what you produce emotion to bring it out as soon as possible to face and realize how your life has changed. Do not repress your feelings, because this is the key to accept your status and start passing it out.

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The next step to get the forgiveness of betrayal is to accept your pain. At this stage, you must realize that the person you appreciate or love hurt you, i.e. you must not hide or pretend that nothing has happened. If you cling to the fact that he has not wronged you, it will be very difficult to assume that you are responsible to heal your soul. Healing depends on you, the damage is done. Many people who suffer a betrayal remain anchored in denial is an unconscious way protected from damage, but the truth is that denial will prevent you succeed to begin to forgive.

Although it is not recommended to live in resentment, you should put the blame on the person who betrayed you. If you plan to forgive that person, you must admit that she is to blame for the situation. You are not responsible for what happened, you should not think for a moment that could avoid being the subject of a betrayal. Discuss and think everything that has happened to this point. After assessing your actions and habits, become responsible for the part that touches you, but no more.

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Generally, in such cases there is a certain position of inequality, but must learn to novelette to whom you hurt. It is not to be at a higher moral level by being the injured party, but you must admit that you may also be responsible for what happened. Once this point, you are ready to grant forgiveness. If you’ll excuse me, will be opening a door to hope. Forgiveness is releasing the person from guilt and victimhood you. You’ll be able to start a new path to happiness and well-being. If you close your forgiveness, you are hardening your soul and believe that no one will hurt, but this is impossible and nothing and nobody can avoid. The reality is that you cannot live fleeing the pain; you face your fears, forgive and move on.

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