How to know if my boyfriend is with me for habit

My boyfriend is with me for habit
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Time in a relationship can have two main purposes: to unite people and make your relationship grow without becoming bogged down or make the relationship lose strength falling into routine and stagnate. As a relationship progresses it is easier to forget the details, and the excitement of the home begins to disappear increasing the risk that one of you is with another habit. For a relationship to work you need to each do your part to try to maintain the illusion and originality, something basic to avoid falling into the routine. Sometimes one of the two feels he is giving more than the other, and there comes a point where you think the reason is that it has lost the illusion is inevitable. If you are wondering how to tell if your boyfriend is with the habit, read this article of LifeStyleQA where we will help you to find out.


One of the first factors to consider knowing if your boyfriend is with the habit is to analyze whether you have fallen into the monotony in recent months or weeks. This means that your boyfriend always tends to propose the same plans, or even often no longer have the initiative when proposing them. It is clear that in a relationship cannot always do new things like travel or activities that are innovative for the couple, but that to do always the same there is a big step. Therefore, think if lately you find yourself mired in the monotony, and if your boyfriend has become more boring in general when you are making plans.

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The details

The details are very important in a relationship, since they are a way to show both your partner and your relationship matter to you, and you do not need a special occasion to show it. The truth is that these are more frequent the beginning of the relationship, and are more likely to be disappearing as these progresses. If you ever wondered how to tell if your boyfriend is with you for routine, stop and think for a moment this point: How long does not have a detail with me? A detail not have to be something material of does not necessarily mean spending large amounts of money, but rather little things that make illusion and feed in some ways the relationship, just a “how beautiful you are today” or “I cannot wait to see you”. Now, invite a romantic dinner, prepare a surprise or something similar plan, are details that must also be carried out although not as frequently.

You together

What would you think of your relationship if you could look at it from outside? Try to analyze externally how a person will look like when you’re together, thus easier to analyze objectively. Once you do this, remember how was your back in time relationship, what has changed? If your boyfriend is with the habit is possible that when you are together show less attentive, more passive, absent, and do not pay much attention as it did before. You may also feel you no longer have that chemistry that I had joined, and do not laugh much, not shown as teaser or certain attitudes you liked him absent. In a way, together you are no longer what you were before and as a result your moments together can be more boring.

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In bed

It need not be a decisive factor in whether your boyfriend is with you in the habit factor, but certainly can be an indicator. Sex in a relationship says a lot about your relationship and the other person. In fact, as the relationship progresses sex may improve, as increased confidence will disappear taboos among you and competencies better. In this way, think about how your boyfriend behaves in bed, if shown less impetuous, less passionate and does not seek to try new things, you can also indicate that the habit is with you.

Your communication

Partner communication is very important both for the relationship to grow, and to do it healthily. This means talking about problems, say what we like and what not, be honest and ask. A lack of communication can lead to problems of jealousy and confusion that result in harmful to the relationship, so knowing how to avoid jealousy is another important aspect. If you are wondering how to tell if your boyfriend is with you always, talk to him can be a good way. It is possible that maybe is going through a bad time and you do not have told him, or ye have always had problems when communicate and be clear with each other. Sometimes, you need to be you who take the initiative to get the other person to open up.

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