How to learn to control jealousy

Control jealousy
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Jealousy and insecurities can become one of the worst enemies of relations partner, and is that once installed hard difficult to make them disappear. When they appear occasionally and in the eyes or praise a third party may be friendly and a sign that the other is interested in you, but at the point where they become exaggerated and arise for no apparent reason what once seemed a grace, it becomes a conflict. If this is your case once you learn how to control jealousy to improve your relationship.

1) Determines where they came from your jealousy, for sometimes it is lack of self confidence, what makes you believe that the other person can leave you by anyone, at other times due to previous experiences, then it’s time to get over it and understand that every relationship is different. Besides the influence of growing up in a family environment where your parents balance each other could make you more predisposed to the subject, so it is important to determine the root of feeling.

2) Works on trust in yourself, know what you’re worth, understand your qualities and because your partner or close people choose to you your company is very important to learn to control jealousy, because to the extent that safer you feel less the obsession to be abandoned.

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3) Remember we all need our space, absorb your partner or wanting to be with her at all not only will not prevent the other fool you if you want, but can also now quickly erode the relationship because we all want a personal space. To the extent that you work trust your partner you will get allow your space.

4) Develop your own activities and hobbies without your partner, do not forget that before that person came into your life you were an individual human being with tastes and passions, it is important for the relationship to keep this, and as the other must have own space, you too. Other activities will help to calm anxieties and feel more confident about yourself exploding things for which you are good.

5) Avoid negative and destructive thoughts and separates fact from fiction. The jealousy sometimes does lose objectivity and see things which do not exist, so it is important to control both verbal and physical hostility in a situation that you consider threatening.

6) Faced with the imminent onset of an attack of jealousy make the effort to stop and reflect and remain calm. Find a quiet things down and to lower space think about what is bothering you , at times with a cool head will get to see better and more clearly the situation that bothers us and detect if it is part of our exaggerate or a real situation.

7) Pay attention to the issue of “ownership”, no one belongs to anyone, the couple exists because two people voluntarily decide to be together, but relations also mutate or just, when you visualize the world does not end because a relationship does understand that often jealousy and irrational reactions to a possible abandonment lead to nothing, because that will not make the union last longer.

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8) If your current partner has been unfaithful to you on several occasions and that has made you a person too jealous, perhaps the time to think and really you evaluate whether to be at his side it is right for you . Excessive jealousy is a vicious circle that depletes us and wears, if you are constantly subjected to situations of infidelity will be very difficult to be objective, overcome your fears and improve your self-esteem.


  • If you noticed that your jealousy is excessive resulting in psychological or physical violence may be time to talk to a specialist
  • You can go to a friend’s advice, but do not look for someone who is too jealous like you, because you only get increased insecurities, go to someone more objective
  • Remember that although all couples have their problems purpose is to make this a happy marriage and not a roller coaster of negative emotions.

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